Monday, November 26, 2012

My Dark Apostle FINALLY won a challenge!!!

It only took four games to do so...

He might get paint after this weekend.
Ya know, I really want the Dark Apostle to work, its a fluffy unit, and I love the chosen with power maul mini which I use for it (rather than the actual 'I just got toilet papered by some rotten kids' mini GW made for it). However, it seems I'm always faced with marines of some sort (negating his AP4 power maul), or as it was yesterday, LOTS of Tyranids which have a serious lack of 'characters' to challenge.

Another complaint, is that like IG sergeants, he can't have a bolter. Instead, if he's attached to a footslogging squad (primarily my 'Plasma-Death' havoc squad), he's useless till HTH is joined (and even then his odds generally don't improve). Instead just waving his mace in the air and screaming obscenities. The easy fix as you can see is I made the simple conversion of giving him a twin-bolter. Don't worry about how the bolt gets into the lower barrel's chamber, as this arrangement makes as little sense as that of the GK stormbolters.

I did get three games in this past weekend, and in my infinite wisdom I forgot to bring a camera to get photos of any of them. Typical. Its especially a shame as in my first game vs. Murl, we ended up with our usual HTH brawl involving 30+ models. During the game, my Nurgle lord, down to 1 wound achieved an Apotheosis! Whereas his Nurgle lord (and earlier a champion) were both 'spawned'! lol, one would ask what are the odds of that, turns out, pretty good odds. It was a close fought game and ended in a draw.

My second game was Sunday in Morristown vs. Ben (who it seems I always end up playing out there). His Nidzilla vs. my CSMs. Games vs. Ben are always close fought slugfests, and this one (multiple objectives scenario, I forget which one) and this one was no different. It came down to turn 6, where my plague marine champion (my last 'troops' model) fought his last genestealer (and thus his last 'troops' model) over an objective, giving me the win. When its that close of a game, whomever won is kind of irrelevant. Its always a good game vs. Ben.  (oh, and my Apostle did nothing significant aside from making 4+ invul. saves like a madman!)

Game 2 yesterday was vs even more Nids (why is it that the CSMs are having to cleanse Morristown of Nid infestations?) Big guns never tire, short table edge deployment, and um...yeah, it was a blowout. The nids only had 2 shooting attacks, more or less making it a Pickett's charge kind of thing. He got first blood when a helbrute went nuts & charged the monstrous creature line solo, and then 2 tyrants and a carnie ganked the Plague marines. Beyond that, everything else went right for me.

I also found that tank shocking with destroyer blades gives a whole new life to the rhino, and yes FINALLY, the Apostle won a challenge killing off a Brood Lord. His boon of victory (rerolled as the first roll was an unworthy offering) was adamantium will (+1 to deny the witch). Having just killed the last enemy psyker on the board to get that, was just irony I guess (stupid, fickle chaos gods...).

With it close to 5pm and not wanting to wait to see who won the last game to go for a title of bragging rights only (and a 50/50 chance of fighting yet more nids), R.T.Voril & I decided it was 'chicken:30' (diner time) and quit the field. All in all it was a good weekend of gaming after my hiatus due to remodeling the bathroom (which came out great btw).


Anonymous said...

It was fun being part of the Sat evening games. I've only got a few more chances to get games in between now and the end of the year so it was a fun excursion up to JC.


Da Masta Cheef said...

Cool, lad you were able to make it! I was surprised you came. Given the time of year, i figured it a safe bet to write you off for the season, much like we do with Rob in the summer time with his job.

Papa JJ said...

Congrats to your Dark Apostle for finally getting the Chaos God to (somewhat) smile upon him. I'm sure it's just the start on his path to ultimate glory. If not, then hey... at least when you're a spawn you don't have to listen to all those whiny cultists. :) As to how those bolter rounds get down to the lower barrel, well I think it's pretty obvious that they just take a short hop through the Warp. When you play Chaos, worrying over physics is irrelevant!

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, true enough Papa! I could always take the easy way out & use the GW cliche of: its shrouded in mystery...'

AbusePuppy said...

The Apostle is a pretty okay guy, but the key to using him is like the Chaplain and other support characters- you can't expect him to do everything himself. Take advantage of his rerolls on the first turn of combat and ability to let everyone in his unit reroll Boons and you'll find him a lot more useful.

It's also worth noting that you don't have to kill a character in a challenge to get the Boon, you just have to kill them- turning down the challenge is no guarantee of safety.

Remember as well that he can buy Chaos Artefacts, so if you want to really make him nasty give him a Mark of Khorne and the Blinding Axe for scything through other Marines.

Da Masta Cheef said...

I've just been running him on the cheap thus far, no artifacts or anything. I don't normally use chaplains, so I frequently find myself forgetting the hatred rule, that just needs time/familiarity.

I've been running a 50/50 split between the marks of the Slaanesh & Nurgle.

I may give Khorne a try though, just to see how he works out.

Da Green Skins said...

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