Thursday, May 9, 2013

Its all for the greater good!

Ya know, if this was the Tau symbol, I'm sure most within the Imperial Guard would switch sides immediately!
lol, I'll get to that sticker in a minute. First off though, Kushial commented aways back that he had some Tau Stealth suits that he was donating to my GF's cause. I figured he had a squad...nope, he had a bit more than that. Actually he gave her 16 stealth suits AND 2 piranhas!!! Holy Cow! Its a good thing I hadn't gotten her a mini case yet as her army would have outgrown it overnight!

As it stands, just with the Tau minis that's she's inherited which are already assembled, her army clocks in at 1350 points! Adding in what is yet to be assembled will come close to 17-1850 or so! Its still a bit unbalanced as the troops allotment is lacking, as is heavy anti-tank weaponry, but for starting off, things are looking quite good for her army. Its all pretty amazing to be honest and again, many thanks to RTVoril & Kushial!

Lacking a mini case of their own, the Stealth suits are blending into my grandmother's dollhouses which are currently being stored in my game room.

Another squad is up on the roof, possibly hiding from the neighborhood dogs judging by the yellowish suit...

The as yet unassembled portion of Kushial's gifts!
As for the bombshell decal above. Tabletop Fix (which is something of a real danger to the wallet) posted pics of one of their releases last week and I checked out the Bombshell site. Whilst perusing the 'sidekicks' section, I found and ordered a pair of HLpR Bots. They do have a hovering drone mini, but I didn't care for it when compared to the HLpR. I'm going to use them as shield drones form my 'counts as Tau' Grymn contingent.

Aww...aren't they cute?

Almost exactly the same size!
While something of a sacrilege I suppose, I put the HLpRs on Warmahorde bases, as the GW 25mm and 40mm bases aren't the same size diameter of a flight base. however as you can see, the flight stand matches up almost exactly to that of the Warmahorde base. These little guys will be shorter than their tau counter parts, however I can't see them providing the Gyrmn much protection when they're hovering well above the heads of their parent squad! If anything they'd just be drawing attention to the Grymn which would be rather counter-productive for a 'shield drone'.

Speaking of the Grymn themselves, I finished another Prospector bringing them up to 3 painted. As you can see below, the shield bots are proportionally similar, and side-by-side they stand about shoulder height to a Grymn Prospector.  Kinda appropriate as the Gyrmn themselves are about shoulder height to a Tau Fire Warrior.

I rather like how the snow stuck to his boot tread came out.


Hive Angel said...

How dare you play DollHulk and not invite me. Sad face :(

You field the strangest models sometimes. Was it the Blood Angels or the Tyranids which got hit by a guy with a frying pan?

Da Masta Cheef said...

Guy with the frying pan? Not sure which model you're referring to.

Kushial said...

Nice to see her army coming along well, and I'm sure she's going to enjoy the piranhas for a fast anti-tank vehicle to run down some of your Eldar. Though with the improvements that the burst cannons got as well as the fusion blasters .... might be worth the magnet to make both options viable now.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yes was pondering that, magnets are probably the best way to go.

Hive Angel said...

Magnets are so worth it. Plastic they are a joy, but metal models they are a bit less joy to attach, but they are still worth it.

neverness said...

Hive Angel, Was the guy with the frying pan a halfling by chance?

Kushial said...

I think Hive Angel is about to the point where he's going to start magnetizing his magnets onto his models. His predator has like 47 magnets or something like that on it.

Hive Angel said...

Yes is was a halfling, lol.

Actually the amount of magnets I have installed has crossed into a fourth unit now.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Oh wait, you're referring to Sgt. Pepper aren't you? That's not a frying pan, its a cookpot full of chili which amongst the IG is more infamously known as: 'the Meltabomb' lol!