Monday, May 6, 2013

Ogres..wha? What happened to the goblins???

I guess the ogres ate them.

Yes, after expecting Murl to show up his goblin horde, he instead fielded Ogres. He sold a nicely painted ogre army some years back, but apparently found enough parts to field another ogre army in his bitz box (and people still give me shit about finding an unassembled Chimera in mine some years back...go figure). Non-deterred by this sudden turn of events, my army of Stirland was up to the challenge as you will see in the photo dump/bat rep below.

The forces of Stirland brought a cheerleader!

My battle line.

The Ogre's battleline.

Turn 1, my Amber Wizard, casting the Transformation of Kadon (or whatever its called) turned himself into a rhino! Ermm, I mean a black hydra. We didn't have anything to use as one, but figured a rhino was about the same size as a Hydra's base.

Tank shock!!! Uh, I mean the 'hydra' charges the...maneaters? They outflanked whatever they were.

2 turns and 3 hull poi-I mean wounds later, it was victorious!

No one else was moving too far forward yet. A few failed long range charges, but nothing else of note by this point.

The Swordsmen charge forward, beat and summarily run down the three leadbelchers, huzzah!

Stirland charges with an accompanying flank tank shock! 'Screw you fantasy, I got a rhino!' Was my battlecry, lol!

Rhino/Hydra goes splat as does my halberders (and general). The Greatswords however hold their line!

The butcher and his two buddies tied them up for a bit...

...and then the Swordsmen managed a rear charge!

Squishing them between the two units! Victory was mine!

So not a bad first run! My wizard's Hydra transformation really swung the advantage in my direction from the get go, and things may have been quite different without it. The archers' shooting was entirely ineffectual vs. the Ogres. However they'll have some support in that area here shortly.

Indeed, both my Stirlanders and my Girlfriend's Tau received a lot of reenforcements, and quite unexpectedly too! But due to my grandparent's imminent move, my gaming time for this week and weekend coming will be next to nil. So I'll save that for a later post or two.


neverness said...

So how was the game play as opposed to previous editions?

Hive Angel said...

Totally marking this the day I have visual documented confirmation Masta Cheef proxied something he wants to use, but doesn't have the model.

Even better a science fiction model in a fantasy game, lol.

Now work the same magic in Battletech and its golden, sort of, not really.

Forgot the Graveyard, I blame the rain.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Well, buying a $50+ model for use when I randomly roll one particular spell puts it waaaay down on the priority list. Especially as this was the first WHFB game I've played in years. Also, you can expect the heavy gears to be used as arbiters at some point...

It was alright, same as it was in years past when 8th 1st came out & I was playing vs. Justin. My impressions from then were that this was the best edition yet, however locally the game was dead and O&G vs O&G (with no other viable opponents) got really old really fast.

Edwin said...

There were a few of us who played fantasy when 8th came out. I originally came to hobbytown to play fantasy all those years ago. I really hope the game comes back. I personally like it alot more than 40k

Necron Bob said...

Thanks for all the pictures. I enjoyed the topless Rhino rolling around the table. I think with a little work the rhino could make a nice steam tank.

I know there are a couple of players starting fantasy in Kingsport and a couple of more that play out of Johnson City, so maybe Fantasy will pick up some steam out there.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Oh I think the Red Corsairs would take issue with the Empire stealing their already stolen Rhino for more than just a temporary basis...