Monday, July 15, 2013

An axe to grind...


I arrived at the FLGS on Saturday with the intent to play Battletech against Rob. Table was set up, and all was ready to go when...I realized I  had forgotten my record sheets and thus couldn't play.


No doubt my forces were shot down on orbital entry and the Battletech toys went back into the box. Rob wasn't sure if he'd make it or not, so luckily I had my Storm Wardens handy as a back up. Conveniently, Neverness was on hand with his Space Wolves to challenge me to a game. Nothing like a good ol' grudge match vs. one of my favorite adversaries! Camera in hand he took all of the photos below, however wasn't in the mood for a battle report, thus I shall do so in my usual method (i.e.: a bunch of photos, with random commentary in the captions).

The Best photo of the night!
 Neverness' Space wolves were lead by none other than the infamous Sven Axe-Grinder, Bearer of the famed Pink Feather Boa, and leader of his so-called 'Great' Company. In opposition to these nefarious foes I had Captain 'I Killed Draigo!' and the Storm Warden's 4th Battle Company, as well as a squad of scouts from the 10th Company. Relic Scenario (as always it seems...) and the good old fashioned across the board deployment. I won the roll to set up first and the first round was under night fighting conditions.

The Field of battle, some unknown desert hell...appropriately enough, the A/C was lacking and it was quite hot in the room.

The Space Wolves' deployment.

The old fogies blend rather well with this piece of terrain.

The Storm Wardens' Deployment. Its a touch out of focus, perhaps Neverness had a tremble of fear?

Combat Squads a plenty! (completed paint jobs and backpacks, not so much...)

First Blood! A rhino falls to what would become my generally mediocre heavy weapons fire.

Once again, Neverness' hunter killer missile falls a little short...

Sven and his termies drop podded into my back field with the intent on attacking my devastators. However my 'Chaplain' dread would have none of that and charged the accursed foe, engaging in what would be an EPIC combat!

2 beleaguered combat squats with characters in tow, advance on the relic, whilst the rhinoless Grey Hunters do the same.

Captain I killed Draigo! singlehandedly charges the Grey Hunters while his former tactical combat squad secures the relic!

The Grey Hunters, fairing poorly in close combat, are joined by the Terminator Rune Priest! Soon my Librarian would also join into the fray!

With my Dreadnought having dispatched his Termie escort, Sven is joined by the not-so-Lone Wolf and his dog!

Another Rhino dies and Neverness is clearly quaking with fear as this photo is taken!

TREACHERY!!! Claiming his weapon is useless (he had a frostblade, not actually a powerfist) Sven flees the righteous combat with my dreadnought who cannot pursue, as the Lone Wolf holds him in place!

Having left the librarians to settle their differences (mine would be victorious to only be gunned down soon thereafter) Captain I Killed Draigo! went on to harass the vindicator, taking 2 hull points front it. He however failed to clear the crater and soon became one himself...

My Dreadnought, finally overcome by powerfist hits and krak grenades falls, whilst the Lone Wolf moves into the Storm Wardens' rear areas. The treacherous Sven Axe-Grinder can be seen skulking in the ruins after having dispatched two combat squads of Devastators.

The Space Wolf mad dash for the relic on turn 6 is thwarted by an equally depleted combat squad of Storm Wardens!

While no photographic evidence exists of their endeavors, these two Long fangs are all that remain after dispatching the Scouts in HTH combat. The Scouts distracted the Fangs for a full three turns, killing a few, and even stunning the Whirlwind for a turn via a thrown krak grenade. They were clearly a thorn in Neverness' side!

With no turn 7 the Relic is never claimed as the brawl mere inches away never came to conclusion!
Whew, that was a fun one! The close games are always the best games, and the last minute charge and combat kept the relic out of either side' hands. Without the relic, we totaled things up and I had First Blood, whilst Neverness had Slay the Warlord and line breaker, thus victory was his. Until...I recalled that his Lone Wolf didn't in fact die, thus granting me another victory point changing the end result to be a tie! Denied victory, there shall be no sagas written about the treacherous actions of Sven Axe-Grinder this day!!!



neverness said...

Ah the Storm Wardens: the High Lord's of Terra's militant wing of propaganda! There will be a reckoning, oh yes....

Da Masta Cheef said...

Propaganda?!? Buddy that's the Imperial TRUTH!!!


Kushial said...

One man's truth is another wolf's propaganda.

Edwin said...

doesnt sven have grenades?

Da Masta Cheef said...

He was in Terminator Armor, so nope. Only cheesy GK termies get grenades.

neverness said...

The model has an auxillary grenade launcher on his powerfist from back in editions past when Mighty Heros were simply awesome without a bunch of Weird special rules to make them that way. But alas, it has been jammed since since about '93...