Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Ant Eaters of War


In between the frequent games of Battletech, and occasional games of 40k, I've been slowly amassing my army of Quar for Bolt Action. At this point I have the full, reinforced platoon. Though I plan to get an artillery piece at some point, so a few more may be added in later. Currently I have 38 Quar in my platoon, again using the British Army list.

I also have an armored car which, once assembled I'll probably use as a Humber Scout Car, and a tank which I intend to use as a Sherman Firefly (I have an actual Firefly gun barrel for it). I was concerned that the tank wasn't large enough for that, but Screech commented that we're used to 40k's often grossly oversized vehicles and I do believe he's right. Especially as the gun extended out from the front end of the firefly as much as it will on my Quar tank. The tank's construction is on hold however as the tread sections were poorly cast. Josh, the 'Headzombie' at Zombiesmith (jeez, enough with the links already, lol!) responded to my inquiry on replacements inside of 30 minutes along with an apology, so more are on the way. Huzzah!

Below is the infantry portion of my platoon thus far, and a few close ups of some of the new recruits. At this point, along with having already conquered Spain and Portugal, it looks like the Quar will be unopposed in their conquest of the rest of the planet! Rob has yet to pick an army ('I was looking at the Russians...'; 'The Japanese look interesting...'; 'ooh! The Italians are out now...' and so on and so forth), whereas Screech has only assembled one German, his commander as he can't decide on how to equip the rest of them. FAIL!

The platoon thus far. Several in the back row are still missing their heads!

The platoon's cook has a submachine gun!

This goofy looking gun is supposed to be a sniper rifle, and I can probably use it as such. That said, I was going to use it as a Boys anti-tank rifle.

One of the Commandos, with an upgraded Vickers K LMG.
As it stands, my army is as follows:

Is-Caertenn (Lt.) with CameraQuar and bagpiper assistants

Forward Observer and HAM radio assistant

Sniper/Boys AT Rifle team

Light Mortar Team

Rhyfler Squad (infantry section) of 10, with LMG, and Yawdryl (Sgt.) with SMG

Rhyfler Squad (infantry section) of 10, with Platoon cook, and Yawdryl (Sgt.)  both with SMGs

Commando) squad of 9, with Vickers K LMG, and the rest with SMGs

Sothwyr Scout Car (Humber)

Crusader Tank (Firefly)

Again, aside from an artillery piece and crew, and possibly the new Quar medics, that's about all I need, aside from painting them, and probably another Sabol tray to haul them around.


Mordian7th said...

That's quite the force you're amassing. I really need to pick some of those up for use as miscellaneous xenos for our 40k:RP sessions.

Looking forward to seeing more of 'em!

CounterFett said...

I love the Quar. I had decided to not get any, though now I want to pick some up to use with "In Her Majesty's Name"


Da Masta Cheef said...

I'm not familiar with that game, though its been mentioned on their forum in regards to using the Quar in that system.

@Mordian: They'd have to be fairly low tech xenos...