Thursday, September 26, 2013

Brigada Graphic Novel


This card makes for a nice bookmark.
I'm generally not one to bother with comic books or graphic novels, but every now and again there is an exception, such as Enrique Fernandez's Brigada comic. I first discovered this little gem whilst perusing the blog roll on Nick Carver's Doodledump at some point. After checking out Enrique's blog I summarily started to check it fairly regularly...for awhile.

Impressed with the artwork, I ordered a copy via crowd sourcing, and to be honest I kinda forgot about it. It wasn't a kickstarter, so I wasn't inundated with stretch goals and updates begging enticing me to spend more $$$.  Both a good and a bad thing I suppose. Since at some point, Nick Carver stopped updating frequently (as happens with any blog sooner or later). This caused me to miss the updates of all the 'artsy' blogs on his page, which is how I forgot about Brigada.

Tuesday, I was reminded of my order when the book arrived in the mail! There's the odd misspelling or typeface glitch or two (I work in printing, so I see them where most people might not), but compared to say...the Dark Angels codex which has whole entries retyped in the errata, the editing is top notch! Especially as Enrique himself had total control of the project from start to finish. Now if only Nick Carver would just get his graphic novel going...

Here's a few Random pics from the book:

The cover art.
Ooh...pretty pictures!
My name ought to be in the backers list...didn't see it though. Of course trying to read all thru that started to make my eyes hurt, so I could easily have missed it.
In the package it mentioned a volume 2 is in the works, odds are I will order that one as well.

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