Monday, April 28, 2014

Hail Hydra!!!

lol, well, contrary to my comment on Thursday of: "I'm not too fond of the Alpha Legion or Night Lords specific rules" I think I'm going with the Alpha Legion. Really the only part of the rules I don't like is that units w/o infiltrate or deep strike have to have a dedicated transport or else they can't be taken. When using the Legion specific rules that is...which are awesome (and allow for army-wide infiltration, so I guess that's an exploitable loophole).

Of course its probably a moot point as the army may never actually make it to 'army' status. Plus I was looking more towards assault squads (who can deep strike via their jump packs), and I do have an ancient (if somewhat beat up) rhino for a tac squad. So I guess its all good.

The Alpha Legion have always been a favorite, all the more so after reading about them in the HH novels. Also, having a Centurion-Vigilator wearing scout armor so he can operate with a recon squad deep behind enemy lines screams Alpha Legion like no other! Raven Guard maybe, but to be honest I got bored halfway thru their section of FW's HH book III.

Looking online for Vigilator images online looks like it requires all kinds of greenstuff work. However like the old predator from my last post, I also have this old (and recently stripped) model:

Thunder armor...scout armor...what's the difference?

In a word: Perfect.

Also 'recon squads' can get scout armor and so model wise they're essentially SM scouts. Everyone knows I have several of them, and whilst my shotgun squad usually does quite well, my bolter scouts have a tendency to suck ass (and do so with a disappointing consistency). So, the bolter schmucks are traveling 10,00 years back in time and are Joining the Alpha Legion. Here's a test model:

Cool looking Imperial Guard helmets FTW!
I wanted to give them helmets, and the IG vehicle gunner helmeted head fit the bill nicely (once I scraped off the Aquila). One issue with these is that only the disgustingly effete Emperor's Children can wear the Aquila on their armor. However the bolter covers it almost entirely, and well...perhaps they're masquerading as those purple idiots anyways. 

Fluffy, no? 

So these guys will give me a few existing minis to play around with for the time being. Perhaps I'll have enough to field against Bob and/or Kushial and their HH minis in a 30k Kill Team game sometime soon.

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Brother_Matus said...

I've found your blog doing an online search for vigilators, a search it looks like you have also done! I've considered using the thunder warrior as a vigilator, it's just a shame they can't have combi weapons.

I've also used scouts as recon marines, it was quite easy to scrape off the aquillas. I have pictures if you are interested.

Great work on your army btw. Kudos to you!