Monday, January 26, 2015

Bolt Action: Quar 6-Ton Light Tank is Complete!


 Just a quick post for this Monday! I had a little bit of time this weekend and managed to finish my Quar tank. I opted for a solid Olive Green (Catachan Green to be exact) that was bereft of any camouflage, as rust and grime sufficed! I pondered unit markings, but in the end just opted for the aerial visual marking (though considering the less than bright colors, that may be for naught).

Its far from perfect, but so is the casting...the rivets specifically! Several are missing and air bubbles instead are in their place. However the tank seems to be holding together just fine, so the Quar mechanics haven't deemed it necessarry to replace them. As such I've painted the holes silver (along with a few bullet holes), along with various edges where paint would have worn off.

Overall though, I rather like it.


neverness said...

Looks quite menacing! Was that cross on the kit or is that a Black Templar bit?

Da Masta Cheef said...


It was a Black Templar bit, I thought I had more but could only find the one. That's okay though, as I didn't need to be putting a cross-hairs on the sides of my tank for your gunners to line up on.

neverness said...

Though it's mighty sporting of you to oblige regardless old chap! ;)