Thursday, February 12, 2015

Size doesn't matter...does it?

Okay-because we all know its going to be said somewhere, I may as well get it out of the way right now: Some ways back, Screech made the infamous comment on this blog stating that: '2 inches didn't matter' (sorry buddy, but you knew it was coming, whether right here or in the comments below), but this time we're not talking about length so much as about girth...or maybe both...or um...nevermind, lol.

Anyways, one endless debate surrounding Bolt Action is what scale of vehicles to use. Usually its 1/32nd vs. 1/48th scales, though I'm not sure what scale Warlord uses, but their vehicles look to be tiny! I pulled a Warlord Churchill out of its box at the FLGS, and the bubble wrapped tank looked miniscule--way smaller than 1/48th scale.

My Quar tank looks about right to me, though in all honesty it is scaled to my Quar. Looking for a 2nd tank, I picked up a Churchill tank off of ebay. The scale was a bit ambiguous, but I figured it would work just fine, Its huge!

Now remember, there is about 32 tons in weight difference here...
Clocking in at almost 38 tons, the Churchill is no small tank (the Quar tank is a stand in for the Vickers 6-Ton it ought to look like a toy next to this one), but...yeah, I think this is too big. What do you guys think? It ought to paint up just fine, its a toy, feels quite sturdy, guns and turret move, honestly size aside I still think it was a good deal at $17, shipping included.

Quick boys! To the other side of that Baneblade!
Its probably a moot point in terms of game play, as I didn't realize how expensive it was in point costs: it tops out at 522 points!?! What the hell?!?, that's more than the army I fielded against Bob last weekend! Not to mention that my Dad's Army can't use it, so it will probably spend the majority of time just being terrain anyways.


Screech said...

Warlord uses something like a 1/52 scale. 1/48 is almost too big (comparing the crew size of my Wirbelwind to the infantry), but 1/56 is definitely too small.

Da Masta Cheef said...

The Warlord Churchill is about the size of my Quar tank, which strikes me as waaaay too small (especially for the price of it). I think they chose an odd scale so people wouldn't just use model kits instead of their products, but their vehicle quality leaves a lot to be desired.

Mordian7th said...

To be honest I like the large tank a lot, especially in the scale shot with the troopers. The smaller one is ace, don't get me wrong, but it feels like more of a scout tank when compared to the size of the troopers. In any case, I'm really looking forward to seeing it painted up!

Screech said...

Any idea what scale the Churchill is? It looks 1/48, but looks larger compared to the Quar.

Da Masta Cheef said...

@Mordian: Well, the Quar tank is a scout tank (thanks btw), or more a light tank rather than anything of the reconnaissance nature. I dunno, one issue I had with the Quar tank was how do those chubby little guys fit in there, whereas the Churchill's hatches look perfectly sized.

@Screech: I'm thinking its 1/32ish. I'll bring it tonight, to see what ya think about it. The Quar's lack of an upright posture (like that of humans) kinda makes it hard to make an accurate comparison to the infantry.