Thursday, February 26, 2015

Prepping for an X-Wing weekend!


Just a quick post this go-round. this week I'm taking a break from Bolt Action to get some X-Wing gaming in. We haven't played that in a few weeks and I miss it (unlike say...40k). Friday night Wolfy and I will be teaming up to take on Billy and...possibly someone else (no word on that yet) in a 200 point game. Following that, Sunday we'll be playing in a 100 point free-for-all with Kushial and I.R. Voril.

In preparation for Friday's game, Billy asked if I would paint his HWK-290 to look (quote) Scum and Villainyish. In return he gave me a still new-in-the-package Y-Wing! The Y has been painted to match the rest of our Rebels' purple squadron, and I think it looks quite a bit better than the first Y-wing I painted. My apologies though as I don't have a pic of it handy.

As for Billy's HWK, his first time with it on the table top will be trying to blow it up as we'll be using it (probably alongside our own HWK-290) against him, lol. Anyways, here's his repainted HWK:

I was joking as I was painting it that it kinda looks like its starting to burn up on atmospheric reentry...


Adam Tomlinson said...

Two HWKs on one side?! I still haven't really figured out how to appropriately use the HWK.

Da Masta Cheef said...

It works best as a support ship with the named pilots (Roark especially), or just as an annoyance with the rebel operative (and ion cannon).