Monday, March 2, 2015

X-Wing, X-Wing games everywhere...

lol, curiously actual X-Wing fighters were themselves quite rare this past weekend. We played 3 games in total. Billy bailed on us Friday, but Jeff, another of our group's regulars was happy to step in. Sunday night Imperial Recruitment and Billy-uh, I mean Kushial came over to the house for an afternoon of X-Wing. We played 2 games, followed by going out to dinner to cap off a rather fun weekend!

Pull up! PULL UP!!!
Yeah, Jeff's outer space mat is so much nicer than what we have...we need to remedy that. Speaking of Jeff, we were ill prepared for his 2 Phantoms and he won quite handily.
Bumper-to-bumper traffic ensues at our house, and now with Scum and Villainy!
I think the Minion says it all: WHAAA?!?!?!
My gold squadron Y-Wing finds itself in a very bad neighborhood...
...this one's no better.
The last 4 standing in our first game, appropriately enough with one ship for each!
Down to Just Wolfy and I.R.
Imperial Recruitment wins with...Scum and Villainy? Indeed his minion shirt was apparently prophetic.

Sorry, no pics of the 3rd game as it was terribly blurry, but IR won with S&V in that one too. Not content to stop there, Neverness and our buddy Jim will be over this evening for dinner followed by an oh-so-rare game of 40k at our house. Hopefully I'll have some good pics of that game for Thursday's post.

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Greg Hess said...

Boy has x-wing ever grown. It is quite the crazy setup of ships these days!