Monday, April 13, 2015

Quar Partisans WIP


A weekend of beautiful weather and family obligations means that there was very little hobby progress (and no gaming at the FLGS, aside from making a quick run for supplies as I was out of zap-a-gap and some paints). Earlier in the week though, it rained for the most part in the evenings and I was able to get some work done on my Quar partisans. The Quar at left was painted before I bothered to assemble any of the others. It kind of has that hillbilly feel to it which I find amusing since I live in the heart of Appalachia!

Most assembly for the Quar consists of just drilling out the hole to insert the neck for gluing, and then gluing the mini to its base. However a few of these minis have separate hands and there was a fair bit of cursing, swearing and gluing those little fiddly bitz to my fingers rather than the minis as I had intended.

The one in the back (center) isn't a partisan, but a regular grunt. He will bring another anti-tank rifle to the table as the Soviet list allows me to take up to 3 of those for the price of one (in terms of unit selection) in a reinforced platoon.

Eventually though I prevailed and painting began. I'm totally enamored with these minis! Indeed they're the best of my Quar collection thus far! I changed the base's color (meaning the rest will need to be repainted) after realizing that Gretchin Green is not only discontinued, but I'm down the last sludgy dregs in my bottle of it. No worries though, I was going to revisit them eventually to add some leaf litter anyways.

I still have one AT-gun Quar left to assemble, but I've run out of Warmahordes bases, so that mini will have to wait. Likewise there hasn't been any progress on my 2nd Quar tank either. The bottom needs considerable sanding, however in order for my respirator mask to actually work worth a damn, I have to shave my beard first. However that hasn't reached the long and unruly stage yet, so the tank is currently on the back burner.

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