Monday, April 27, 2015

TIE Bombers suck! Just saying...

...but they are great places to meet your friends!
If you put Major Rhymer behind the wheel & give him Dead Eye, then yeah, you can go to town and clean house with the TIE bomber! However in all other respects its a waste of points. I've yet to get a TB to be worth a damn w/o using Rhymer! Without him, the TB just goes through the typical target lock and watch the target fly away while getting shot at from all directions motions.

I only managed to get one volley of Flechette torps off the other night with a crummy Scimitar Squadron Bomber. At least it managed to survive my Imperial Scum & Villainy elimination sortie, but (as usual) there was very little return for its use of 21 squadron points (aside from drawing fire).

Is anyone else out there having issues with the TB when not using Rhymer? If not, then do you have any suggestions? (and don't just say buy more of them...)

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Greg Hess said...

I've never had any luck with the bombers. One time I dropped a bomb that hit so many things. But that only happened once. I still have one in the box :(.