Monday, June 22, 2015

Another Grymn heavy twin-linked stubber team is complete!

whew, I'm wiped out. We spent this father's day visiting with and cooking for our families. It was a really good day but we're kinda exhausted so I'll just post a quick pic of this week's painting progress for my Grymn Militarum army:

Not sure where the slight hazy effect came from, as I couldn't find any cause for it in the photoshop file...(edit: depends on the monitor I guess, as this looks fine from work).

 ...and a bit of my army's fluff to go with this team:

In general, the Grymn feel that the civilian chore-bots are completely unfit for combat situations (including their pretty paint jobs!). So rather than being used to fight, they're instead assigned to heavy weapon teams where they serve as grunt labor to haul weapons or as in this case, to pile up rocks for the team to shelter behind.

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