Monday, June 29, 2015

Scouts, why does it always have to be Scouts?


With Space Marines on my mind after the rant in my last post, I decided to paint a scout/recon sergeant, and partially repainted two grunts with bolters. Then I went on use them alongside my Storm Wardens in a game this past Saturday night. (on a side note, I found another stupid Aurora Scout with a sniper rifle this weekend! Most worthless unit ever!!! I sold that infernal squad years ago to somebody in Stockholm Sweden which has plenty of icy waters to drown them in, yet they still keep coming out of the wood work around here, what the hell?!?!)

...and with that outta the way, here's this week's painting:

The two with bolters were repaints of the Recon Marines I was going to use for the Emperor's Children in 30k (which is such a laughable notion considering our finances right now). Honestly, despite purple being my favorite color, I didn't like em as they were. Painting them black gives me some options on what to use them as, although the Imperial Fists are my preference. I really like the Breacher Marine minis (and their Legion specific rules requires Breachers as compulsory troops choices). Also, recon marines probably wouldn't work too well if they're wearing bright fucking yellow armor. So the black works for that legion as well.

2nd ed 40k starter box marines, vs. old Warzone starter box Imperial infantry converted into Astra Militarum (Cadian arms fit them perfectly) and fighting over The Imperial Forestry Service who were acting as objectives. Miniature-wise it was a battle of the ancients! Indeed, virtually all of the infantry in this game were as old as, if not older than my opponent!

In my game this weekend, they served as regular 'old codex' scouts.  Fielding a squad of 5, the three newly painted ones not only survived their first game, they took out a basilisk that was deep in cover as well! Easily paying for themselves (which made up for them not showing up till turn 4...). In the end the game was a close one and ended in a tie, though had it gone one more turn I probably would've been tabled.


neverness said...

You're using the new codex rules, right? How do you like them versus the previous "old" book?

Da Masta Cheef said...

No, I was still using the old codex. The new dex bumps their WS & BS back up to 4 with no points increase, kinda hard to find fault with that unless you play blood angels (who's scouts didn't get that increase).

That said, when they arrived, they hit 7 out of 8 times with their bolters equaling no glancing hits (how typical), though the Sgt. immobilized the basilisk with a thrown krak grenade, setting it up for the kill on the next turn.

neverness said...

Yeah, I have not had any luck with scouts when I played the Ultramarines. So it's nice to hear that you did something with them. When I used them It was like they were overrated cannon fodder less useful than grots! But that's just my experience.

Da Masta Cheef said...

As a support unit they work (sometimes), but on their own they weren't worth much (I should know, I once had an army of them).

Greg Hess said...

Scouts looking good!