Monday, October 26, 2015

Enter the YV-666

It all started like this on the phone last week:

Hey, are you going to be there Saturday? (the FLGS)

Yeah, why?

Can I borrow that flying toolbox of yours? I just want to try it out for the hell of it.

You can have it.

That's not what I was asking for but okay...

Merry Christmas, its yours.

Makes ya wonder how such an odd design ever made it off of the drawing board...

lol, and with that ringing endorsement of the ship's capabilities...I'm now the proud owner of Murl's YV-666 (a.k.a.: the Flying Toolbox). List in hand, we crammed 4 players onto a standard 3' x3' space mat (myself and my beloved Wolfy on one side with Bob and Murl on the other, as well as Kushial who was acting as combat cameraman). With the exception of Bob, it was Scum and Villainy all around and battle was quickly joined. Here are a few highlight photos:

The enemy, Scum and the Empire.
The 'good guys' our pure Scum and Villainy!
...and just like that, the battle lines turned into a furball.
Guris, Guris everywhere! One is a 'butterfly ship' and the other, a 'moth'.
Fucking tailgaters...
Apparently hitting the broadside of a barn isn't so difficult after all, and the YV-666 goes boom. Nope, no escaping Z-95 from it either. :-(
My astro-mech's name? Its Wile E. Coyote: Genius! Or as Bob put it: 'That move has a whole lot of go F yourself written all over it' lol. That TIE lost 2 hull points to the Proximity mine!
Dear god, its almost 11:00 PM!

At that point we called it a draw as Murl was ready to crash (physically), and the rest of us were beat as well. As for the Toolbox, It'll take some playing around with to get used to, and it will definitely need a new coat of paint of some sort too!

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Admiral Drax said...

Brilliant! I love me a bit of X-Wing, and it's been way too long!