Thursday, January 28, 2016

This week's odds & ends


Unfortunately I'll have to start this one off on a sad note. It seems that lost in the rugged and mountainous hinterlands somewhere between eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina, half frozen by the blizzard and no doubt starving to death (there were only so many grots to go round I guess...), WAAAAUGH Neverness has fallen casualty to last week's blizzard and as such our game this coming Friday has been postponed.

Despite the inclement there wasn't a whole lot of free time to paint this past weekend, but I did start work on my APC for The Buffet Assault Group. Its not too far along, but then again I'm no speed painter either. No worries though, the WIP pics below highlighted several flaws that need going over. Normally the camera doesn't show me those till after I declare a mini 'done'.

Gaaaah! So many flaws, so little time!
I'm still on track for the goal painting all of them before I get anymore. That's a feat that I've NEVER once accomplished in all of my gaming career!
A side-by-side with its stable mate. 

In other news, I heard an interesting tidbit from Admiral Drax. Apparently, he enjoyed painting my Tankbustas soooo much, that he's looking to get a job here in the good ol' US, presumably so that he'll be able to paint even more of my Orks! As such I wish him the best of luck in that job search!


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