Thursday, June 23, 2016

New Toys!


As I mentioned previously, I sent a bunch of minis off to Noble Knight Games for trade-in credit, and I received my credit just in time to buy some goodies on the last day of Noble Knight's spring sale! As you'll see, I got a bit of a hodgepodge of stuff for a variety of games:

Runts for the Runt God!

First up, some more (and much needed) Grymn for my 30k Outremar army. I can now field legal army with 1 HQ and 2 Troops choices in the primary detachment. These little guys and girls will flesh out my Grenadier squad to the 10-strong minimum. They're armed with bolters, and the Sgt.'s 2 pistols will count as a blast pistol which is twin-linked, STR: 5, and of such short range its liable to only ever be used in overwatch…but still looks cool which is the important part, right?

Next up: A TIE/FO Fighter for X-Wing. This gives us a trio of the new TIEs, only now we have all of the pilot options available. 

Vroom, vroooooom!

Next on the list is a pair of Antenocitis Workshop's Anomala car terrain pieces for Infinity. Aren't they adorable??? One of the Scotts (in name not heritage) at the FLGS who play Infinity (of which we have at least 3) has a bunch of these of various designs. Both my beloved Wolfy and I have always wanted some of our own even though she rarely plays the game and I don't. Infinity still intrigues me though and I'm liable to give it another go at some point.

Speaking of Infinity, I've always liked this Bombshell mini, and am thinking that I could use her for Infinity. Whilst she looks a bit top heavy (and not in the usual buxom manner), once painted she'll look better with her space suit's clear acrylic dome attached (and probably look even more off balanced too!). I was thinking she'd make for a good Mercenary Wardriver Hacker stand-in, as currently Corvus Belli doesn't make a mini for the Wardrivers. I guess she's hyper-allergic to the rest of my little Ariadna force, and is stuck wearing the bulky enviro-suit as a result…or something.

Last up is another Bombshell Miniatures mini: The HOpR Bot. I have no idea what I'll use this for, maybe Gruntz (not that I'll ever apparently play that game) or something. Who cares though, as again its kinda cute even if only as a shelf decoration.

….aaaand with that I had just enough of a credit left to cover the shipping cost.

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