Thursday, December 8, 2016


lol, yes for real.

This week I painted two more Pyg Bushwhackers for my Warmahordes Trollkin Army (no, no...don't call it that, such a title might give Rob hope!), my Trollkin collection. This gives me 4 finished with a 5th in progress, plus Gunnbjorn.

I tried painting one purple rather than the usual varying shades of blue. While it adds a nice variation or so I thought, my Beloved Wolfy commented: 'Its a nice paint job but...its kinda monochromatic.' I do believe that translates to 'meh'. No, she just informed me that that translates into: 'mud'. So no more purple trolls. I guess this poor little guy is feeling a bit under the weather and thus is looking a little flush.

Just an overhead view of the sickly one.

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