Monday, February 13, 2017

Saim-Hann Storm Guardians


Nope, no work has been done to those 2 WWII Orks from my last posts. Instead, in keeping with my usual, short attention span approach to gaming I switched from Orks to Eldar. There's been a bit of progress on another Iyanden Dire Avenger as well as a Corsair. Hopefully I'll have those two finished in time for Thursday's post (though given my intent to finish those Orks in my prior post, I wouldn't hold your breath...).

I also made a few touch-ups on my new squad of Storm Guardians, more out of personal preference than any actual need. Their weapons were all monochromatic, gold in this case and I prefer to have the blades of their CCWs be silver, whilst the two with metallic green-tinged blades represent the ones with power swords.

I got these for a mere $14 (shipping included) on ebay back around Christmas. Compared to Striking Scorpions and/or Howling banshees, Storm Guardians kinda suck, however given the quality of the paint jobs, and the conversions for the weapons (nope, no FAILcast conversion bits here), these minis were simply a steal!

Adding in this new squad I might be able to muster about 1500 points of Eldar, but in the foreseeable future these will likely be fielded in a games of Kill Team rather than 40k.

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neverness said...

Cool. I was recently looking at Storm Guardians for Kill Team also, I was thinking they might be quite adaptable in a game like that.