Monday, February 20, 2017

We're a dying race, we're a dying race, we're...


My beloved Wolfy and I met up with Bob at the FLGS for a 'Carnage' game of Kill Team this past Saturday.

Bob had: a Dark Angels tactical squad with a plasma gun, missile launcher and Sgt. w/plasma pistol and chainsword.

Wolfy had: a crisis suit with a twin-missile pod, 6 Fire Warriors and 4 Pathfinders with a Shas'Ui and 2 rail rifles

I had: 5 Dire Avengers lead by an Exarch, and 10 Storm Guardians with a flamer, fusion gunner and 1 with a power sword.

The Eldar advance en masse...

The fighting was fast and furious, with the first casualty being Wofly's Crises suit via a krak missile. Initially Wolfy's shooting was very accurate and deadly, until Bob's outflankers popped up behind them, then the Fem Fa'Tau's dice went cold...

Bob's outflankers arrive to 'clear the tower ruins'...

My Eldar fanned out quickly, inflicting (and suffering) numerous casualties. My KT's MVP was by far the outflanking Storm Guardian with the flamer, who took out 3 Dark Angels including the ML and Sgt. before being gunned down.

Despite having 10 Storm Guardians, predictably few made it into HTH, and even then the results were mixed.

When it came time to roll LD tests for being below half strength (which occurred at approximately the same time for all 3 of us). The Dark Angels hung in there due mainly to the ATSKNF reroll. The Tau held their ground due to Wolfy still rolling only 1' & 2's (which for once was a good thing), and as for my Eldar? I was rolling high and in the blink of an eye, 3 of my models slipped into the webway and disappeared!

Hiding from those 'fucking Tau guns!'

Over the course of the last turn, the Fem Fa'Tau were reduced to a single fire warrior due to casualties, and I was wiped out! With 4 of Bob's Dark Angels still on the table, Wolfy raised the white flag and they called it.

Rusty as we all were in remembering our army specific rules, once we got past that the game was quick and fun just the way they ought to be!


neverness said...

Your pics look like warzone shots of soldiers hiding and taking cover from hidden and unseen snipers. Since none of them show Bob's Dark Angels at all, it's safe to assume the warzone photographer got out alive?

Da Masta Cheef said...

Did you not see the Dark Angels sneaking up on the Fem Fa'Tau in the 2nd pic?

Regardless, 2/3 of my models had a 5+ save and a deadly Bolter & Pulse rifle/carbine crossfire to deal with.

neverness said...

I realized that after I posted it. Still, that had to be a crazy shooting gallery to be caught in.