Monday, June 5, 2017

Another Rainbow Warrior


I finished up another Rainbow Warrior and made a minor change to the original one I had painted. My complaint with that mini was that there was little contrast between the blue armor and the scavenged Dark Angels green leg armor. That and I really didn't like the idea of the last of the Rainbow Warriors raiding other loyalist chapters.

Remind me again as to why I opted for such difficult chapter markings rather than the standard, mono-chromatic lightning bolt/rainbow chapter icon?

So, opting for red which has far more contrast I did a google image search on 'red space marine chapters images' and lo and behold, a pic from my own blog came up in the search. It was of Mac's Red Corsairs...that's perfect! Ironically though, the image was on Pinterest, not on this blog...

Anyways, what better source of supplies for a shattered Space Marine chapter that's been cut off from Imperial supply lines than to raid and scavenge them from one of the most notorious pirate/traitor space marine warbands?

Hmm, wonder if I used the wrong ink wash on the 2nd marine?

I'm guessing I'll have to arrange a specific game of Kill Team with mac as on the last few times I've had my Rainbow Warriors at the FLGS, either no games have been played, or else we've played Shadow War instead. No doubt the potential of losing to the lamely named Rainbow Warriors is a notion that one really wants to contemplate, lol!

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