Thursday, June 8, 2017

Heading in every direction but forward...


There’s neither rhyme nor reason to this week’s hobby progress, rather I’ve started several things whilst finishing notta whole lot. 

First up, the Rainbow warriors:

Having been circumvented by the sudden switch from Kill Team to Shadow War, I decided to build my scouts up to 6 marines. My Sgt. w/powerfist however needed to lose that powerfist arm as that weapon isn’t available in Shadow War (a pic of this mini with said powerfist is in the link below). Luckily, I had matching Scions chainsword arm still in my bitz box for an arm swap. 

Additionally, I found yet another Aurora Scout with a sniper rifle. Those fucking Auroras! Every time I think I’m finally rid of that infernal army another scout is discovered, they’re like god damned roaches! (huh, seems I've had this rant before) As such I suspect he’ll stay true to his Auroran roots and either never hit or never wound a damn thing!

The 1-armed marines in the background seem to be having a dispute of some sort...

The scouts however were put on hold when I realized I was out of 32mm bases. I’ve ordered some more and hopefully they’ll be here before the weekend. I’ve also started painting a Deathwatch Sgt. for my Rainbows, however the traditional Red Sgt.’s helmet (as per Girlyman’s Codex Astartes) doesn’t look quite right to me. So I’ll probably repaint it black. This is also a 1-armed mini currently, as it’ll ease the painting process.

Next up, Rogue Stars:

Insert limp-dick (no pun intended)
comment here.
I also finished ‘Crankie’ from my Rogue Stars ‘A-Team’ crew. Actually he was all but done a week or two ago, but I somehow broke his SMG’s gun barrel during painting and was out of glue at the time. Thus he remained hanging by a shred of resin for entirely too long before I was able to buy some glue to fix it. 

Ya know, despite being a pair of short little bastards, they've somehow managed to be in the way again!

He’s pictured alongside Myr’Dok who was simply plucked from the base of my Grymn’s never-built shuttle and rebased. Conveniently, you’d never know she was on that shuttle’s base which thankfully requires no repair whenever I get back around to that project. Also on the Rogue Stars front, I started painting my only statted out crew’s leader Catalina, whom you can see in back of the vertically challenged A-Team members.

Hopefully I’ll finish some of these projects this week though truth be told, I’m more likely to leave ‘em and start up some others instead.


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I'm still watching ! Keep going !

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Is that 'wee Jimmy Crankie'? Dear God, it is isn't it?

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