Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Spess Mahreenz


Two more Incandescent Coyotes cross the finish line.

Well I hope all of my fellow Americans are all still fat, happy, and finally done with eating Thanksgiving leftovers. While it was nice having four days off (Sorry Zzzzz), I can't say that a whole lot of time was spent hobbying. 

Primer doesn't count buddy!

That said, I did at least manage to finish these two Coyotes above as well as get my third game of 10th ed. in, where I maintained my winning streak. Screech had to call the game due to time as he had a movie date to get to, though had we gone all 5 rounds...I'm not sure who would've won that one. Oh well, a win is a win.  

Lacking a black tactical arrow for the missile gunner, this rune will have to suffice.

Finally, a better view of the 2nd Company's pauldron markings.

With a mere three painted minis, my v2 Coyotes are already halfway to the v1 Coyote's total number of painted infantry!


neverness said...

Looking good so far!
Is there going to be a proper battle report for that game?

Zzzzzz said...


Maybe even a whole squad this time ?

Da Masta Cheef said...

@Neverness: Nope, only took a few pics of it. Pretty much all of which you saw on IM. Not all of the Ultramarines' glorious deeds are recorded for posterity, especially those involving internecine warfare with so-called 'friendly' forces...

@Zzzzz: That's what I'm aiming for! Especially as you need all 10 marines to field a tactical squad these days.