Friday, May 24, 2024

Changing directions...


'Oh great, we've just gone from move to another...'

The house is just about all packed up and as of today we are T-9 days from moving to South Carolina. I swung by Screech & Loren's today to pick up mail (they've been renting my grandparents' house), say good bye for now, and to wish them well as they're moving this coming Saturday to Nashville, Tennessee. In just two weeks time we will all go from living 13ish miles apart to about 550+.

He has all the tools needed to turn Xenos into smash burgers!

While I was there he bestowed upon me a squad of mostly still on the sprue assault intercessors. These are the multi-posable models, not the snap-fit models that I currently have. As you can see, three are built, with one being a sergeant armed with an oh so appropriate Salamanders hand flamer and thunder hammer. As this now gives me 20 assault intercessors in total, I'll have a full squad of 10 for each army. 

That said the sergeant above is a bit statically posed (compared to my other assault intercessors), so he might find himself leading a standard intercessor squad instead, we shall see...

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