Friday, June 7, 2024

We survived the move...


Now that the colossal task of boxing everything up, driving it from Tennessee to South Carolina, closing on our new house, and unloading the U-haul trucks has all passed. We have arrived at the equally long and tedious task of unboxing everything and trying to find a place to put it all. 

Honestly, the whole experience is exhausting as you all well know. 

But we're getting there. Today I set up my home office with both this, my personal computer and my work laptop (with an extra monitor) set up side by side. Also, I've managed to uncover a handful of minis from the endless morass of boxes. However, as you can see by the cheering Quar above, no painting has yet occurred (that said my paints and brushes have been unboxed as well). 

All in all, its been a fairly easy move, with the only exception being that within 24 hours of moving into our new house, the hot water heater expired. Ugh. We knew that it was nearing the end of its life span, just didn't think it was that close to the end! As such, today was a very expensive day (most days here of late have been, though this one was exceptional). 

Still, we're moving forward and with some luck maybe I'll manage some actual hobby time outside of this rambling post. Also hoping to start exploring the Charleston area beyond what we know of it from previous visits. Unfortunately, with the heat index clocking in at around 100 degrees Fahrenheit most every day, there's little incentive to leave the air conditioning right now. 

That's what we get for moving south in the summer time I guess. 

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slovak said...

New digs! I'm psyched to see what inspiration the new environment brings.