Thursday, June 13, 2024

My first finished models since the move!



I can't say that they're the first minis to be totally painted here in South Carolina, because I started them (and another half dozen of their Coftyran counterparts) while packing up in Tennessee. That said I did take some time off from unpacking (my new game room is a shambles currently) to finish these little guys up. 

All of the newly finished Crusaders from the front...

...and advancing to the rear. 

These are Quar Crusaders, and while I didn't like their old metal minis, I do like the new plastic sculpts quite a bit more than the Coftyrans, whom I preferred when buying the older metal minis. I think the new plastic Coftyran rhyfles are too spindly and likely to break. 

Another view of the squad's Yawdryl (Sergeant). As the Quar age, they get age spots on their snouts.

I have 2 days off coming up and while a good bit of that will be spent unpacking, I'm hoping to visit some of the local game shops in person to see who & what is out there around here. Also, this coming weekend we're going to a little get together at my wife's boss' house with several of her coworkers and their spouses/significant others. 

This little dude tossing the soup can grenade is the squad's only conversion.

I spliced two rhyfles (sans arms) together to stick on his pack. Its become a bit of a joke amongst the Quar's little community that any Quar tossing a grenade has lost his rhyfle.

One of her coworkers also recently moved here, and her spouse like me is also remote working. Also like me he plays mini games, and Warhammer primarily! I'm assuming that's of the 40K variety, but regardless I looking forward to this engagement more than I originally thought I would be! 

My Crusaders thus far, there are just three left to go.

That said, we went to another new friend's birthday party the other night and while no other gamers were present, the party was a hoot!


neverness said...

Glad to hear the hobby is alive and well, and I'm looking forward to hearing your game store report! These little guys feel 'cleaner' than the last bunch. I suppose the other ones do more grunt work? Well done regardless!

Da Masta Cheef said...


I looked online before moving and scoped out the what looks like the local 40k hub, we will see though.

Also i went for a more cartoony look for these little guys. That's why they don't look as grimy as my normal paint jobs are.