Thursday, February 4, 2010

...and the winner is....TAU!

No, no, no contests, just an internal debate. Every year for the past several I've blown my entire income tax return on a vacation (felt good too!), not this year though. Money's a bit tighter, and I have several odds & ends that need taking care of, so I had to scratch the spring vacation this year. I will spend about $100 or so on 'toys' though, and that's been my debate. What to buy?

I was bouncing mainly between 3 choices:

(1) CSMs, I gutted my army earlier this year after realizing that I had fallen into the standard cookie cutter Plague marine list. Plague marines seem to be the most common CSM flavor as they work the best. Currently I have about 700ish points of CSMs, but after trying to paint a few earlier this week...well, I just put them back on the shelf. Moving on...

(2) SMs, I have a rather substantial Dark Hands Space Marine army (they're one of the ubiquitous name & color scheme but nothing else chapters). I also have a small contingent of Imperial Paladins (another that GW just gave a name & colors to). I've been considering the idea of a 10th co. list, and was intrigued by that topic which appeared on the BoLS today. BUT, in the end, it'll take quite a bit to fill the ranks. Currently I only have a Commander, tac. squad & predator. So...

I figured that I'd just go on the cheap (relatively speaking) with the...

(3) Tau. I've got about 1250ish points of Tau, with roughly half of it painted. I haven't played that army too much here of late as I always need to borrow minis from a friend to hit the 1500pt. mark (the usual minimum at our FLGS). Usually a squad of Fire Warriors & Shas'O R'myr (more on that model next week). For reasons unknown, my dice don't seem to like the greater good, don't feel like buying more of those though. I've given them the Farsight Enclave icons, though I only occasionally use Farsight himself. Mainly because the model isn't fully assembled, and I hate proxying & using 'armless wonders' as I sometimes call them. No, I'm not above using unpainted minis. Also, due to the limitations of the Farsight list reductions, I can't use my piranha & broadsides in the same list, the broadsides win out every time.

So what'd I get? Well, my army falls into the typical Farsight format (ironic considering my thoughts on the CSMs), of basically lots of fire warriors & crises suits. I have (2) FW broadsides with smart missiles, so today I ordered a third with the plasma Rifles to use as my squad leader. This Saturday when I go to our FLGS (aside from restocking on some much needed glue, clear coat & primer) I plan to get another box of fire warriors. I have a Sky Ray kit already that needs to be assembled, I had intended to build it as just a Devilfish, but the sky ray (somewhat oddly) comes with both turret options, so I dunno how I'll build it just yet.

Below are my two assembled vehicles so far, mainly to show my color scheme.

Tau Vees

Okay, back to painting my renegade storm troopers!

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