Thursday, February 25, 2010

Da Ork Royul

So I had a bunch of bids in on ebay for an Ork fleet, all new in the blister, and cheap! As usual I was outbid & counter bidding would've negated any savings so I let 'em go. I then realized that my insurance payment was due for my truck, so losing the auctions was probably for the best. I've never played with Orks in BFG, but in relooking over the rules, and (more importantly) being able to come up with a bunch of goofy names, I figured I'd give them a go. Kinda bummed by the whole ebay thing, I thought that I'd scrounge up my paltry collection of left over Imperial & Chaos bits and build an Ork Rok. Of course I really didn't have anything that even looked like an asteroid but that doesn't matter, because while scrounging I found...


Some time ago a buddy of mine gave me some sorta pulsa rokkit looking bit off of the Stompa that he figured I'd put to good use. I said thanks and its been on a shelf ever since, till yesterday. Tossing the Rok idea, I instead built my first Kroozer, da 'Ork Royul' (that name should be creditied to someone on Warseer where I first saw it) Admurral Orkbar will be pleased I think (at least until I get him a bigger Kroozer). I have no idea how big it is in relation to an Ork Kroozer, but figure its a bit smaller, and built it as a light Kroozer using the 'Smotherman 2.0' formula off of the Port Maw website (basically BFG's VDR) I painted it up this evening, nice & simple & some dry brushing (as with all BFG ships), and am rather pleased with it.


Dverning said...

I should be getting my Ork Fleet back in a week or so. (Loaned to a friend.) Would you be interested in some dimensions?

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yes please! I plan to get more Kroozers (acquired piecemeal as with every army) but if its the same size as a standard terror ship I'll just use it as such. Ork fleets scream 'kunvershunz' and shouldn't look too consistent in my opinion. (I may have to paint the ship's class on the base to keep them straight though).