Thursday, February 11, 2010

Inconsistancy, it keeps me from getting bored...

...and getting anything accomplished.

As I'm sure you'll have noted by now, there's no rhyme or reason to my painting projects. In general I have a dozen or more projects going at any one time. This week alone I:

Finished Commander Farsight & 2 Fire Warriors, painted a bit on the 4 renegade storm troopers, primed a Tau Hammer Head, cleaned, assembled & primed a Forgeworld renegade heavy stubber team, trimmed the backpack nub from an old RT chaos marine that'll be used as a rogue psyker in my renegade's battle psyker squad (they're too small to qualify as proper marines anymore, 5 more to go), primed 2 bastion lasers & worked a bit on their crews, and rebased my one finished renegade bastion laser team after receiving a pack of 60mm bases.

Forward progress, theoretically its there...somewhere.

I do have fully painted armies (or at least close to it) however at the above rate it takes years. I think I'll work a bit more on the bastion lasers this weekend. I think they'll make a great looking anti-tank squad for my Renegade IG, the 728th Sabbat Irregulars. Large & cumbersome, there's really no way two Guardsmen could move these themselves. So my story is that adepts of the Dark Mechanicus refitted the lascannon's base structure with Xenos grav engines from wrecked speeders. While the internal generator isn't capable of providing power for simultaneous movement & firing, it does allow them to be used a man portable weapons.

Note: The gun's barrel moves so it doesn't always look like an anti-aircraft battery.

My other anti-tank squad uses field howitzers (missile launchers), these are old Ork Splatta-Kannons with the ammo clip filed off of the top & some missile tubes on the bases. Unfortunately they're on the old thin/flat 60mm bases. I need to order some more of the standard 60mm bases.

All in good time I suppose...

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