Monday, March 1, 2010

Tau, 3rd Sphere expansion...

Or, umm rather 3rd wave of assembly.

So I've FINALLY started on the Tau again in earnest. I (try to) blame a friend of mine for the previous stoppage on working on the Tau. I had offered to paint one of his Hammerheads using his colors (blood red & commando khaki) & just coming up with a decent scheme. Ugh, it was a nightmare, coat after coat after coat...ya know, for a 'foundation paint', deneb stone isn't very opaque!

As they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

Anyways, onto my Tau. I recently finished Commander Farsight as was posted earlier, and this week has been one of assembly, with a touch of paint. I've put together 12 fire warriors, a squad of 8 with pulse rifles, and a Sushi (yes they're really called that) with a bonding knife. The remaining 4 were given carbines and will fill out my carbine squad to 12. Mounted in a devilfish, I've dubbed them the 'forlorn hope'. Their job will be to flank the enemy & not lose me the game (whenever I successfully flank someone, there's a 90ish% chance that I'll lose the game, no idea why this is). I've also assembled & base coated a hammerhead with railgun & burst cannons (the smart missiles were giving me problems, so I tossed them into the bitz pile), and primed 6 gun drones (read: filler). I can easily field 1500 points, but locally we usually play 1750pts. Though I've made a 600pt list to try out vs. one of the newer players. Too small a list to use Farsight, and the new guy plays Orks, typical.

I've yet to start on the Broadside. Looking though the pieces, there were the usual bends in the railguns, nothing a little hot water and some gentle bending won't correct. However the gates on the plasma rifles are in what looks to be the most inconvenient place that Forgeworld could have placed them.

Really? NOT on the nice flat surfaces on the back of the gun, but on the curved tip with all the recessed areas? ...sigh... I'm sure that falls under the 'for experienced modelers' clause (maybe I'll send them to 'The Inner Geek', he's one of those).

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