Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Birthday Presents!


Its my birthday today, woohoo! Well not really, just kindova normal day. 35 isn't one of the 'exciting' ages that warrants a party or anything. As a kid, birthdays always meant TOYS! (and invariably new clothes for school, bleh). Then you grow up, and the toys go away, unless...you're a gamer! Then the toys never go away!

Usually the family just sends money, which this year will go towards a new camera (hopefully I'll get that tonight) and a tune up for my ol' truck (which I first test drove 14 years ago today). My two best friends though, Screech & Murl are also gamers, so they buy toys. Murl got me a new plastic demon prince. I'll be using this as 'The Doomed One' (a greater Demon of Malal). Screech bought me another Forgeworld Sabre Defence Platform with a quad heavy stubber (FW doesn't make renegade gunners anymore though, so will need to convert one)! The Quad stubber Sabre is one of my favorite units (useless as it is, he figured it would be the least threatening thing he'd have shooting at him). He also gave back my AoBR quad autocannon Dread that I traded to him for a sentinel a few months back. He doesn't need it, and the Dark Hands are no longer on the auction block, so he figured it was best to send it back 'home'. Lastly as a birthday present to me, I bought a chaos rhino for my Blood Eagles CSMs. They're desperate for transports, and I picked up the Slaanesh FW doors last time I did an order. The winged emblem on the FW doors are pretty close to the decals that I'm using for them.

So all in all a pretty good haul I'd say! Hopefully I'll have some WIP photos of the demon prince later in the week.

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