Thursday, August 12, 2010

Orks & Scum

Ya know, with a title like that, it begs the question: Is there a difference between the two?

Anyways, here's a group shot of my Orks that I'm going to try out this weekend.

Sorry, my coffee table has a glass top, so you can see right through to all the junk underneath. I also need to check their camera settings, as the photo looks kinda grainy for no reason that I can think of.

Anyways, this is kindova trial run on the army I'm looking to run for the Chattanooga classic in October. Da Masta Cheef himself isn't present, rather I have a big mek on a bike & weird boy who are vying for the chance to be his sidekick in the tourney itself. I've also only ever run a handful of deff koptas, so this will be the first outting with damned near a full air wing.

As for the 'Scum' in the title...

Here's just a little something I cooked up for a character background for Dark heresy. So far the 'underhive Scum' has the most appeal to me. When talking with a friend of mine the other day, I was asked what kind of character I would like to play, and the first thing that came to mind was a sociopath. Now true the following doesn't fit that description, but it does kinda work for the typical scumbag (mixed with a healthy does of my usual sense of humor).


So I'm stuck with you lot eh? What? No I didn' do nuthin, really it was like this...

Jus' like any self respecting underhive scum I was working as a roadie for a band named KISS. Was lots of really loud and bad music all the time, and the band wore lots of really weird make up & costumes. Wasn't the best gig I coulda pulled I guess, but there was lotsa good drugs and women beggin to see the band. They're always willing to do anything to see 'em and were always around. So...ya know, the job had good 'benefits' an' all.

Life was good till this one show when the damned Arbitrators showed up! Guns blazing, cyber dogs, the works! The band fled. They like just disappeared into thin air! A bunch of the crew got killed, sorry lot they were. The cops got me an' then thrown me in the lock up. Turns out I can't read High Gothic. Yeah I know, it sucks. Anyways how was I supposed to know that the gibberish in front of KISS was "Harlequin's"? Explains the make up & costumes I guess, jus' figured it to be an off-worlder thing, ya know? Any Emperor fearing soul like me isn't supposed to know about the...what was the word? Xenos. Yeah that was it I think, Xenos. Yeah, I thought that was pretty weak too, but best I could think of on the fly. They sure as hell didn't buy it, fucking cops!

Anyways I was waitin' for execution when the Inquisitor investigatin' the band figured my 'insight' or something like that. It was a weird word the Inquisitor used, into the Xenos he called 'Eldars' might be useful to his network. I suppose he was talking about KISS. Ya know, the band. Anyways, he said my sentence wasn't commuted, only postponed as my death is inevitable. Another fancy word of his.


Anyways, I'm taking that bunk over there, you touch my stuff I'll knife ya, an' somewhere where you'll die slow. Oh, an' if ya lose anything, I'm sure I got one jus' like it. I can sell it to ya for a good price. Cause, you know, we're all on the same side.


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