Monday, August 2, 2010

A few updates.

Mornin' Folks,

Well, my former camera arrived at Office Depot's warranty HQ in TX last week, so I'm just waiting for them to go through the motions of processing my claim and sending me my gift card to put towards a new/better camera. Still no option for me to take any photos though. Which is a shame as I was working on my Orks again in hopes of taking Da Long Ways Dezert Groop itself to the Chattanooga Classic in October.

After removing non-GT legal models (my Battlewagon & one of my looted tanks, as they're not based on GW kits) I have about 1600-1700 points of Orks painted. This weekend I set to finishing off my lobbas battery, painting the Mek-turned-Runtherd, 5 grot krew (bringing the Lobba krew's total to 12) and flocking their bases. All I have left to do for that unit are the three ammo grots. After they're done I'll paint my shoota boyz Nob (the 1-off GW Flash Git model), and then divide my time between killa kans and deffkoptas.

I was looking for a point sink to flesh out the army cheaply while improving my anti-tank ability and adding in some much needed power klaws. Mega nobs were my first thought after having them tear my IG a new one at the Meltdown tourney. However even on ebay the best deal I could find was $16 each. Needing at least three, add in mad doc Grotsnik to add survivability, a trukk to transport...aaaaand that cost too much. So prowling ebay some more, I found and bought six deffkoptas still on the sprue for $20, shipping included!

With a total of 12 koptas, I'll now have a veritable air wing (already named 'Wej Antilly's Roag Skwadrun)! fielding 10 with twin rokkits, 1 with twin big shootas, and 1 with KMB (the latter two won't see action in the tourney as with my buggy skwadrun already painted, I'll be 'limited' to 10). One of my painted koptas has the IG sentinel chainsaw underneath for use as a buzz saw (essentially a power klaw), and I have 4 more on sprues. So that'll take care of my much needed anti-tank support, while still having the speed to keep up with and to support all my trukks (and hopefully drawing fire off of the kans).

...and in other news...

(Copyrights of Fantasy Flight Games & GW, neither used with permission)

I picked up a copy of Rogue Trader off of ebay for about $25, shipping included. Just wanted something to read when I go to bed. I like to read a bit to kinda unwind, but novels are no good as I often will look over at my alarm clock and realize that its 1am!! Always liking Rogue Traders, and having a BFG RT fleet, I figured it would be a good fluff/back ground read, yet won't hook me into it like a novel's story. However I was talking with a few friends after gaming @ the FLGS last Saturday, and we're thinking of trying out Dark Heresy, so now I need to pick that book up too.

I've only ever dabbled in RPGs over the years. Either not being able to keep up with the number crunchers (note: don't try to learn to RPG with a bunch of engineering students) when it came to all the modifier/die rolls, not knowing the background of the game to know how to properly act (all but murdering any realism, such as it is...) and boring 'adventures' (which often lead to me having more fun antagonizing party members than our imaginary adversaries) more or less killing any campaign that I was a party to. I've never had what would be called a 'good' DM, although the guy looking to run our campaign has DM'ed a few times before (including DH games), and all of us being 40k gamers for years, we know the background frontwards, backwards and sideways. So that's promising.

I haven't RPGed at all in 7-8 years give or take, but after listening to thaco, my favorite podcast for quite some time (even though its RPG centric, their sense of humor is very much on my wavelength) I've kinda been in the mood to give RPGs another try. It'll be a few weeks to get that organized though, and to fill out a group with good chemistry (the local gaming scene is very 'clique-ish'), so more updates on that to come I suppose.


Papa JJ said...

Love the name of your air wing, that's hilarious. Good luck getting ready for the Chattanooga Classic, as well as your return to RPGs. It's been more than a decade since I last did any of that sort of gaming but I've become interested in the 40k options from Fantasy Flight. A good buddy of mine is running a Rogue Trader game at Gencon this year and talking to him about it has me eager to track down some players of my own. I'll have to check out thaco, that sounds like fun.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Ya know its funny, a friend of mine is reading the X-Wing series & cringed when he saw that.