Monday, October 25, 2010

Just a few quick Updates.


This'll probably just be the only post for this week. Mom's flying in for a long weekend visit on Thursday. As such there's not too much to report painting wise as I was in house cleaning mode (well sorta, procrastination means the next few nights will be a bit of a frenzy). I did finish two more Plague marines for The Purge though.

This is the majority of of the first Squad. I plan on running four squads of seven. True that's not to resilient (ironically) as casualties stack up quickly, but its 'fluffy'. Most of the Blood Eagles are now gone, however after a few attempts, my Chaos lord didn't sell, so he'll make the occasional cameo appearance I guess.

Still haven't settled on a name for the Renegade IG (who pulled out a tie Saturday night despite some decked out thunder wolf cavalry & SW lord charging down their throats). The latest idea is '728th Legion' but still not settled on that. The fact that I specialize in indecisiveness doesn't help either.

...and while I've been on quite a bit of a chaos kick here of late, I haven't forgotten my beloved Orks! I'll leave a hint on their upcoming plans. See today is the 25th of October, which means that today (supposedly) Forgeworld is shipping out DLWDG's newest addition, Da' Grot Spee!!!!

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