Sunday, October 10, 2010

My 1st try at Dave Taylor's Chaos Stars


Well I finished my Dark Hands captain (and I went with the name of 'Kurtz' as it fit nicely on the shoulder pad banner). Still need to take pics though, I could've just posted that, but I don't know if I've ever made two consecutive posts on the same subject, but figured now was not the time to start. I'm good at inconsistency.


I was working on my Blood Eagles CSM war band rhino today. That's kinda ironic as most of the Blood Eagles ore on ebay at the moment. I recently given almost 1k points worth of plague marines from Murl, so my CSM army is being reorganized. I figure that Fabius' experiments took their toll, and the majority of the war band devolved into gibbering monsters, and he moved on. My chaos sorcerer Ivan the Cannon has gathered what survivors he could (a dreadnought, Greater Demon of Malal & a havoc sq. w/rhino), and have formed an alliance with 'The Purge' Nurgle war band. The Malal demon arriving at the expense of Nurgle's champions will also be nice & fluffy. I still may get some spawn at some point to represent some of the slavering idiots who devolved from Fabius' 'enhancements' after they parted ways.

The rhino is still a work in progress, but the front is for the most part done. However the top was a large expanse of nothing, and I didn't want to just glue on lots of bits to fill the space. I sometime see so many spikes on top of a rhino that the top hatch essentially loses all functionality. To I pulled up Dave Taylor's tutorial and came up with this:

Its intentionally offset, Chaos & properly centered iconography just doesn't seem proper. It wasn't as hard as thought it would be, but it was harder than he makes it look. It's probably all a matter of practice. That said, this is the first time I've ever tried to freehand something bigger than a shoulder pad chapter icon (and its also the first time I've ever liked anything I painted freehand). I will need more rhinos for the purge, so I may try this some more in the future.

Here's a better look of the front plate:

You can see the plain roof in this.

This isn't so much a Slaaneshi rhino, rather I liked the large 'eagle's' claws on the doors (which will be painted red). I added a dirge caster for something different. You can't actually give it a dirge caster, however if I ever feel the need to scream obscenities in a game, I can blame this tank. Not that that would ever happen...


Anonymous said...

No, not like that would ever happen :)


Papa JJ said...

Nice work on the chaos star design, that looks really good. I'm impressed that it's only your first attempt at painting one of those. I like your plan for the dirge caster, too... very funny!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks! Yeah I was a bit nervous as I traced on a pattern thinking that either it will look good, or I'll ruin it & have to repaint the whole top of the tank. Luckily it ended up as the former rather than the latter.