Monday, May 16, 2011

I found a few things to talk about.


My Sister's wedding went rather flawlessly this past Saturday and the happy couple are probably on the beach in Florida right now! (actually as hectic as the past week was, and as early as it is right now, they're probably sound asleep) Anyways, despite a lack of hobby related progress over the weekend, I did have a few things pop up late last week.

First, The Triceratops exhibit is done!!!! Given the rush to get things done towards the end, the sacrum & the replacement ribs weren't painted by me, but they're reasonably close to my paint jobs so most people don't notice. The rib casts I had originally painted weren't usable for a variety of reasons as I expected. All in all it was a fun project involving close to a dozen people (mostly volunteers like myself) and a lot of hard work!

It'll be on display in the museum's traveling exhibit hall for another month or so and then...somewhere else, probably the new annex which is still under construction (but almost ready to open). The Museum will have possession of the cast for another year and a half or so.

Next I have a veritable can o' worms as you can see @ left. On a whim, and for no particular reason, I bought a cheap, plastic human Blood Bowl team off of ebay. I have 17 total (the 11 you don't see here are bathing in simple green right now) as well as two ball markers. I haven't played Blood Bowl in years, and admittedly don't have much desire to. THAT said, once Murl of the former 13th Cadian blog sees this post, he'll likely start foaming at the mouth with enthusiasm to play (much like when he discovered my Cygnar when I had thought about trying Warmahordes MkII).

I played in a BB league some years back, but it wasn't much fun. Trying to learn a game (with lizardmen, a bad choice I was told) in a league where everyone is playing to win (and thrown dice were not uncommon) is more or less a recipe for failure. On the pro side, BB has a low mini count (like Mordheim & I wouldn't mind trying that again, hint, hint...), and encourages the use of funny/parody styled names the latter of which I always find appealing (and more on that later in the week).

And last but not least (or maybe it is the least, ...snicker...) another friend of mine has jumped onto the blogging bandwagon starting the Warfrog's Hobby Blog. He's bursting with enthusiasm (indeed there were 4 separate posts yesterday alone!), but once the 'shiny & new' feeling wears off I figure he'll settle into a normal posting routine. Go & check it out!


neverness said...

You'll have NO TROUBLE getting Charlie and I to play Blood Bowl with you! We rather enjoy it!

I would LOVE to play Mordheim again! Just say the word and my rats shall assemble...hehehe...

Also Charlie and I are always willing to do Necromunda as well!
Do you have a gang for that?

Da Masta Cheef said...

I'll have to reread the rules for Blood Bowl & Mordheim again before giving them a try. Truth be told I'd be more inclined to try the latter rather than the former, not that I have any WHFB minis to use...

As for Necromunda, yes. Cawdor minis are some of/if not 'the' most versatile minis GW has ever made, and I have @ least 20 of them!

That said, Charlie will have to leave his genestealer cult behind. Having a new gang get almost entirely slaughtered by a lone stealer in it's first game, was one of the things that led to him getting put on my 'black list' so many years ago (I also recall it leading to the demise of that same league @ the S&S as well after a few other people had similar experiences).

Screech said...

Blood Bowl, huh? Well, I was looking for a new game system to play, and since the PC/360 game was made to an exact mirror of the table top, there shouldn't be too much more I'll need to learn in order to play (probably the small-ish details the game does for you).

War Frog said...

I am good for necromunda or bloodbowl. The secret to fighting GS cult in necromunda is to report them to the authorities. then you get extra bounty for killin em and often get support from the arbites.