Thursday, May 12, 2011

Greater Demon-Part 2


Part 1 was waaay back here (and it took a bit of searching for me to find, despite the CSM tag).

Anyways, The Doomed One, my greater demon of Malal is almost done! Here it is:
Greater demons have a tendency to pop out and get shot to death, so they're not that great, but for a mere 100pts., how can I resist? If it does make it into HTH, then it tends to fair quite well, no matter what it's fighting. I repainted the armor from my original color scheme as it invariably pops out of a Purge aspiring champion (which always pleases Malal greatly, fluff FTW!). Usually (but not always) its the poor bastard with the combi-melta as he's the least dangerous of my aspiring champions.

I still have my eternal loathing of basing minis (you would think that game 3 editions after I stopped over complicating my bases I'd be over that) but as this base is so large, I had to do something aside from my usual glue & flock mix. While I didn't have a spare Plague Marine helmet, I did dig out a regular CSM helmet out of the bitz box along with a CSM bolter and combat knife. These items no doubt were worn/held by the Purge marine that was so recently possessed!

Nice, simple, works for me.

I'm still outta clear coat, so the model isn't quite done. It still needs a coat of matte varnish, followed by 'ard coat to make certain areas looks wet (the bloody claws for example). However my sister's wedding is this weekend, so I won't be anywhere near a hobby shop for the next week or so (and I may be a bit late on posting next week as there will be NO hobby progress this weekend).


John Lambshead said...

very nice understated colour effects. Works for me.

Da Masta Cheef said...


Necron Bob said...

Nothing to say except that Daemon is awesome. Well don!

GMort. said...

It's a nice paint scheme.

I still prefer the original metal Daemon Prince over the new plastic kit for some's probably just a nostalgia thing I suppose...

neverness said...

Awesome indeed. Needs a booger on the tip of that finger on his left hand, as the model appears thrilled and proud of whatever it is beholding... :)

Tenzing said...

Nice work on that Daemon Prince- I like the dark colour scheme.

Oh, and it's nice to see someone giving out the nostalgic Malal love- maybe one day they'll find that key and release him :)

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks Guys!

No Joel, its a greater demon of Malal that's burst out a Plague Marine. Were it a greater demon of Nurgle on the other hand (pun intended) than the booger would be appropriate.