Friday, May 6, 2011

Real Life, CSMs & pair of Exodites

Makes for an odd grouping when you think about it...


Notta whole lot on the hobby front this week. I've been kinda busy dealing with the hail damage my home received in last week's storms. Compared to what you've all no doubt seen on the news, I am quite grateful that the damage to my home was more or less cosmetic and I have no reason to complain. My heart goes out to those who were not so fortunate (and many of those were not too far away).

A neighbor of mine who's homeowner insurance co. is the same as mine was told that they may not get to him for another week on out to a month. About half of Tennessee got hit pretty hard in one way or another, so they've been overwhelmed. It does give me time to look for a new vehicle though, as my ol' truck will be totaled out due to hail damage. I may have to get a salvage title for it in the interim, I just have to wait and see.

I did get these to Exodites painted, but not clear coated though. I seem to have run out of that. About the only difference in appearance from what you see here will be the addition of 'ard coat on the gems, eye lenses & such.

I did get a game in which ran rather late on Wednesday. 'Hive fleet Banner Elk' descended on Bristol once more & George Lupus and his rebel alliance were ready for them. Well, at least they thought they were. After a seven turn slug fest, all that was left of the CSMs was a single Rhino that was missing it's twin bolter. There were a staggering number of rending rolls in HTH and its pretty hard to survive that.

Miasmos, my interim Chaos terminator lord apparently does not want to be demoted down to an icon bearer in the future. As despite the early loss of his squad, another squad of lesser demons charging into & being virtually wiped out by genestealers before getting to roll (GW really did a crap job on the lesser demons) he did manage to tar pit the Genestealers almost single handedly for most of the game, taking several of them with him. Speaking of demons sucking, Despite the mediocrity (to put it nicely) of the Greater Demon's combat ability, he did drop a wounded Hive Tyrant & accompanying Hive guard in one round. Saving my right flank from collapsing on either turn 2 or 3.

The tyrant and bodyguard had been softened up by my 'plasma death' havoc squad of Blood Eagles and indeed they did live up to that name. There was a yahtzee roll of ones in their initial volley which did about as much damage to themselves as the bugs. Oh well, I was loooong over due on that happening to that squad. The CSM at right was frankensteined together from bitz last night. He'll go into the Plasma Death squad as I only had nine of them and had to substitute in a loyalist to make a full unit of ten.

I do wonder if that yahtzee roll was do to an act of sabotage, perpetrated by that loyalist...

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