Monday, July 11, 2011

The Clockwork Forage


This weekend was for painting rats. actually I didn't put too much effort into these little guys as....well, they're just rats. Well, okay, so they're mutated rats with spikes, tubes/pipes and mutated boils. These will be there purely to skitter through cover & hopefully make good on my threat to take down Screech's Riekland captain on horseback when we finally start playing Mordheim.

Here is my starting warband, the Clockwork Forage. I'm still going with the Clan Skyre theme even though I heard that an actual Skyre list was released at some point. I don't have it, so am not concerned about it right now. My warplock engineer has been named 'Tik-a-tok', the sorcerer is 'Ratta-kablouie!' and the stormvermin/Black skaven is simply the slave master. The giant rats don't have/need names, nor do the henchmen whom are simply called 'slaves' & 'more slaves'. Two have clubs & shields, and the other three have spears and shields. There's not much to work with, but with only 500gc to start, everyone will have that problem.

I painted these last two rats yesterday. They were intended to be my night runners. However I ran out of gold crowns, and then found that the one on the left is unusable. I believe he's supposed to have a spear, however giver the curved tip of the blade, a halberd comes to mind. Also heroes can't have shields, only bucklers. Yet bucklers can't be used with halberds. Damn it! Oh well, its not like I don't have 2/3 of a box o' rats still on the sprue. An acquaintance of mine is starting a WHFB Skaven army, so this guy will be a donation to that cause. The rat on the right however I rather like. Given that I have so many unused Skaven, I could make another warband with him as leader (with fighting claws). I'm sure we'll try a few 'learning games' initially before launching into a campaign, so multiple warbands will give me some options for trying various things out.

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