Friday, July 8, 2011

Exodite Swooping Hawks

Well as you can see, I finished assembling my Exodite bugs. Not sure if I just want to call them Swooping Hawks or something different. However given their bug like wings, I'm sure that they'll be labeled as 'Exodite bugs' when they get their entry in the updated Exodite field guide. Trying to recall what Sgt. Johnson called the little flying covenant when first encountered in Halo 2, 'little buggers' or something like that? My have to play trough that section again to see (assuming the ol' Xbox will cooperate).

Anyways, I have them divided into two units of five, with an Exarch in each. Both Exarchs will have Intercept & Sky Leap. One has a power sword and he other a sun rifle. I'll prime the three on the left squad, and leave the other squad as is to help differentiate them until all are painted. The addition of these two units brings my Exodite army up to the 1300 point mark. Not Sure what I want to add in for the next 200 pts. I'm thinking maybe a Siam-Hann Falcon so I can add in a Fire Dragon squad. I still have 10 DE chainmail skirt/leggings bits, so there will be at least one more guardian or possibly Dire Avenger unit in the Exodite's future as well.

Also just for the hell of it, here's a screen shot of my new favorite (if perplexing) toy in EVE online. It's a Minmatar Jaguar assault frigate. Its set up for PvE play. Which, in the rare case that any EVE players read this, they would be able to identify by the salvagers mounted on the end of the 'wings' (only one can be seen here). In EVE, a single turret mounted module (guns, salvagers, mining lasers, etc.) is displayed as a pair on the ship. Generally on opposite sides of the vessel so as to give the maximum possible coverage of fire. In space, combat isn't just on a horizontal plane (as opposed to any starship encounter in an episode of Star Trek). So it should look as though my Jag has 6 guns mounted (i.e.: 3 pairs ) however, while they can't all be seen in this image, the Jag actually shows 7 guns. WTF? You see that center mounted gun in the rear dorsal mount? I have yet to figure out why that's there, why it fires, and which actual gun's shooting that it represents. After flying well more than a dozen ship types, this is the first time that I've encountered an 'extra' mystery gun.


Mordian7th said...

Nice - I really like those models, and have been itching to get some. Of course, I don't actually have an eldar army, but still! I'm looking forward to seeing them painted up, keep up the great work!

Da Masta Cheef said...


I'm a bit concerned on transporting them, all of those wings & guns were so thin as to be (in most cases) translucent!

Mike said...

The first high slot on Rifter hulled ships will show three of whatever it is on the ship, the two on the front, and the center rear one. I think the developer was trying to make it look more balanced.