Friday, July 15, 2011

Three blind...rats?


Okay so they're not really blind, but it sounded catchier than 'some more random stuff'. Anyways I painted three Verminkin (or rather slaves) for the Clockwork Forage this week. This leaves me with just two left, after which my starting/prototype Mordheim warband will be completely painted before they even reach the table! Kinda feels like I'll be breaking one of the seven seals of the apocalypse...

...moving on.

Despite my best efforts, as well as those of eriochrome, I still hadn't figured out exactly how to scale my Blood Bowl passing template correctly, as my board is scaled slightly different than the official GW boards are. However while perusing a thread on the NAF forum the other day I found a PDF of the old BB reference sheet, which conveniently had this chart on it. With the ranges clearly being 3/3/4/3, it was a matter of a few simple adjustments, and my passing template is now to scale! Huzzah!

Speaking of Blood Bowl & the NAF, I received my new set of blocking dice recently (if you pay the $10 membership fee to join the NAF they send you a set). As you can see, they are green! The Wurtbastards were quite pleased and have taken this as a sign of Nuffle's favor.

...and onto one more random topic...

The photo at right shows yet another PvE fitted Jaguar that I have in EVE. Like the one I posted previously, there is an extra module mounted. However, instead of one of the guns, it is a salvager turret. Going into my fittings window I saw that the salvager was fitted into the first high slot. So apparently whatever gets mounted in that slot has an extra turret mounted on the ship, although it doesn't provide any actual benefit. So, mystery solved. :-)


War Frog said...

My rats ar elooking forward to playing your puny 'umans.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Rats...cheese...yeah seems a good fit for you.