Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Battle Babe


As I stated earlier, I have no interest in the game Infinity (nor does anyone else locally) however I do like the minis & have purchased a handful for use in a possible VOR army. Whether or not that ever really happens, it does give me the excuse to buy & paint something different (an spares me of dealing with people getting their hopes up were I to paint a Warmahorde mini). Most of the minis I like are from the Ariadna faction, so if that game ever takes hold here, then I guess I'll already be set.

Anyways, I bought a blister of (3) Line Kazak minis via ebay and this is the first one. Its (sadly) one of the usual 'need to make her look as sexy as possible while wearing body armor & holding a gun' kind of models. Actually, of the three in the blister, this one I like the least. The others to actually look like they're supposed to be soldiers (as opposed to a recruitment centerfold). But whatever, I figured I'd paint her first to get her out of the way. The roman numeral 'I' on the back of her base denotes squad number. The army is planned to have four squads, which will come to 18 infantry models total. Plus the APC in the linked post above (although Secret Weapon Miniatures is working on an awesome 28mm wheeled AFV that I may get if it ever comes into production).

This week looks to be predominantly rainy, so maybe I'll be able to get the other two painted up for my late week post.


neverness said...

You didn't paint this! The base isn't blue! :)

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, shut up you!