Monday, September 26, 2011

A very, very Lone Wolf...


Below you see my former Iron Warriors' Warsmith Kursk. The Iron priest was a hold over from an old SW army and not wanting it to go unused, I had converted it for use with my Iron Warriors. Conveniently the Iron Priest is one of the few metal GW loyalist marines that has no Imperial Aquilas on it anywhere, which meant that all I needed was a servo-pack and arm swap before sending him on his way to chaos.
My Iron warriors were themselves sold off years ago (prior to my selling of anything on ebay even), however being one of my favorite models Warsmith Kursk was separated out. Aside from an occasional cameo in a random CSM list here & there over the years, he's spent his time as a permanent member of my 'Hall of Heroes' (i.e.: my retired minis display stand).

The problem with my Hall of Heroes is that it sits up on top of a bookcase, and more than once a model has taken a swan dive off of it when said bookcase was bumped into. Indeed sometime back that was the fate of my old Iron Hands Iron Father 'Samuel L. Jackson' who was indeed a bad mother-fucker (prior to hitting the hardwood floor @ terminal velocity).

Kursk, has narrowly avoided this fate several times and I reasoned that the servo-pack was not helping his odds as it left the model rather unbalanced. So after snapping the photos above for posterity, I decided to return him to the Emperor's light.

Returned to Space Wolf colors (primed black with a drybrush of codex gray followed by SW gray, delvan mud, and finally a bleached bone drybrushing) and sporting a simple plastic pack, I think he came out rather well. Given that I don't actually have a SW army (and often complain about the over abundance of them locally) he is now simply a Lone Wolf.

Lone Wolves from what I gather, are the last survivors of wiped out packs who want nothing more than to join their lost brethren. However I'm sure that that isn't the only reason for going on a suicide run. Perhaps he was exiled by the other Iron Priests or renounced his position in the chapter's armory himself for some failure of duty. I was thinking of maybe something along the lines of in an act of misguided brevity he skipped a verse in a drop pods' ritual activation catechisms, angering it's machine spirit and causing the retro thrusters to not activate, thus pancaking a dreadnought during an orbital drop.

Something like that.

Anyways, as I said I haven't fielded Wolves in several years, but going from what I know of them, I would figure that potential Iron Priests are separated from their packs while serving as a Blood Claw, and so I put (what I assume is) a Blood Claw marking on his shoulder pad, and his original pack marking on his right leg. His bionic arm with frost blade (can Lone Wolves even get those?) is from an IG sentinel, and a combi-weapon rounds out his weapons. Of course he has the required wolf tail hanging on his pack and I added a brass etched cog from the GW basing kit as well, as I wanted to mechanicum-up his pack a bit.

Anyways, he'll now sit on the shelf and hopefully an army won't materialize around him in the future (much like one did after my Exodite test model came into being).


neverness said...

For the record, having held this model in my hand, I can state for the audience that this pic does not do justice to this brilliant paint-job! It is very good! It was cool seeing it overseeing the demise of the Imperial Guard the other night...

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks man, I appreciate it!

(and for the record, sadly the Auroras weren't fairing much better than the IG)

neverness said...

No, but at least you weren't trying to sell them to people in the room, unit by unit, as they died... ;)

Necron Bob said...

Wait. Samuel Jackson died? Say it ain't so!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yup, poor Samuel is resting in pieces.