Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My GK 'Failing Circus'

I have no Stormravens, so the 'flying circus' name is out...


Despite my lack of want to play 40k, i will be around to play @ the FLGS this Saturday & am going to give the Retinue Horde a try. I started paint on my Purgation squad Justicar last night, and hope to at least have him finished before then. Matt Fucking Ward will also be in attendance. I know that I posted a prospective list some time ago, but its been worked over a multitude of times. Not so much looking for anything that's optimized (not an option here) rather this is just an attempt to hold (somewhat) true to my old retinue themes while giving some vague semblance of combat effectiveness.

Did I succeed? Who the hell knows, but at this point I'm tired of tweaking it for now. In the end, the various retinues are named close to the way they were before (only now being named after included acolytes who used to be inquisitors), and I'm sorely tempted to write the names of each named mini on their respective bases. Doing so in total opposition to Neverness's suggestion from 2 posts ago to not give every model a name! (ahhh, glorious spite!) Below is my list. It holds true (sorta) to my old retinue themes, and has the token allotment of primed SM vehicles trying to not look like they're codex hopping...

Honestly! This is just a test run! The Auroras will get them back, eventually...

So totaling up @ 1500 points even, this is what I've got:


Inquisitor Coteaz

O.M. Inquisitor Longshot w/Hellrifle & 2 servo skulls


Eversor assassin

Matt-Fucking-Ward (Paladin) with master crafted halberd

Venerable psyfleman dread


The Imperial Forestry Service:

6 acolytes w/5 autoguns (shush! I paid the point ea. for bolters, if i want them @ str. 3 then that's what I'll use them as) and (1) stormbolter)

Forestry Service Rhino w/Extra armor & plow

Skubb's Storm troopers:

(5) acolytes w/Hot shot lasguns & carapace
(1) acolyte w/boltgun & carapace

(1) acolyte w/hot shot lasgun & power armor

(1) acolyte w/carapace & flamer

Chimera w/extra armor & searchlight

Proust's Fire support:

(1) acolyte w/power armor, plasma-bolter
(2) acolytes w/bolters
(3) Heavy Bolter Gun Servitors

Ben Franklin's Chinese wave assault*:
(1) acolyte w/Carapace, Power sword
(1) Death Cult assassin
(1) acolyte with 'melta bomb' (Sgt. Pepper for those who remember him)

(7) Acolytes

Rhino w/extra armor & plow

Heavy Support:

(5) man Purgation Squad w/(4) Psycannons

Razorback w/Psybolt

Landraider Crusader w/Psybolt

*These were trimmed down to 10 models to fit into a rhino as 15 screaming idiots with next to no armor [some even without clothing] and pistols running across the table will die before ever doing anything useful!

So there they are, the bulk of my former allied retinues and their handful of Exorcist (GK) allies (kinda ironic to use that word in this particular context). Coteaz isn't present as I don't have the mini yet. I'll be proxying him with a friend's old Njal Stormcaller model, because he too is holding a bird.

Sorry for the lousy photo, I just took a quick photo before heading out the door this morning.


neverness said...

Looking good so far! Lots of character!

Da Masta Cheef said...

You sure that's not 'lots of characters'?