Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Skaven outbreak!


This is coming a little late after yet another long weekend spent with the family. Unlike the last however I was able to get some painting in. Quite a bit actually, though Skaven are rather easy to paint (speaking of easily painted minis, I also finished off a Blood Bowl lineman & brought two more close to completion).

Above you see my second & last Stormvermin & five verminkin for the Clockwork Forage. With these my warband is now fully painted with quit a few spare models in which to swap out in the case of casualties, new hires, etc.. My favorite of the bunch is he one with the meat cleaver. However that's not a Skaven weapon option so I'll just treat it like a dagger.

I would like to use him as a hero model, but Skaven heroes can't start off with shields. So I'll lump him in with the other dagger wielding slaves and just wait for a roll of 'the lad's got talent' to make him into a hero.

We're set to play Mordheim tonight actually, though I'm going to try out a different Skaven warband. This will make for only a half painted warband, but will let me try out a few other weapon options. While less experienced than the Clockwork Forage, my Reiklander opponent's dice consistently hate him, so my odds of victory are still pretty good!

Edit: I just bought a cheap rat ogre off of ebay, so i think I'll wait on using the new warband till that arrives!

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