Monday, December 12, 2011

My new Standard Bearer.


So when deciding what to paint yesterday, I was spoiled for choices. Indeed, of just my new stuff I had: my new bastion, the GK Paladins, Chaos Terminators, more Mordheim guys, more Quar.....ummm, no. No in the end I decided upon something that I really can't use right now, nor will I in the next few months (if ever). Instead I decided to paint the lone standard bearer for my theoretical Empire army.

Now my intention from the start of my Stirland Mordheim warband (and continuing onto the army), was for (as usual) a dirty & grubby look. Kinda like the look of the armies in the movie Braveheart, rather than the clean & pretty fops like you would see in any of the myriad of Three Musketeers movies. As you can see, the standard bearer above reflects this.

'Wash the flag?! Isn't that what rain is for?'

I thought the Wolf Rampant decal off of one of the Space Wolves decal sheets, and the number '7' worked pretty good for the flag as well. Its doubtful that any aside from the army's leaders would actually know what a '7' actually means though, but I didn't feel like adding just the usual scribbles to represent writing.

Continuing with this theme, I also finished up Hans Gruber. He came out pretty good I think, and he'll take his place at the helm of the Stirland Deserters. In the Empire army, he'll probably end up as a 'Gold Sword' champion or something. Yeah I know that he doesn't have a sword, but in game terms that's irrelevant.

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neverness said...

'These gloves were made for kill'n!" Nice!

I'd like to finish my own at somepoint...and their castle!