Monday, June 24, 2013

Battletech Reorganization


Recently I've decided to reorganize my CBT forces. I had reached the point of owning a reinforced battalion and...well, that's really more than I actually wanted (and ironically didn't actually include all that I do want). Thus I set about reorganizing what I had. First off, I wanted lighter units. True my Capellans can still field a heavy lance, but only one. Everything else is a medium weight lance. True that limits me in the department of brute force, but I like the mobility aspect of CBT, and I'm aiming more for that. Fielding primarily medium and light machines helps and as such. Indeed my merc unit has one one heavy mech, a Dragon/Grand Dragon (that mech is on their logo, so kinda a necessity).

Solid Colored Hex = have it and is painted. Faded Colored Hex = I have it but not painted. Black Hex = I don't have it.

Despite my love of the foot slogging infantry, in order to get them close enough to theoretically do something, expensive APCs and IFVs were required. However we're aiming for smaller BV games, so there's not much room for those transports anymore. So the OMG!, WTF? and BBQ! platoons, and said APCs and IFV (along with my AC-2 Carrier as it wasn't pulling its weight) went the way of Ebay.  Likewise, I've either traded off to Kushial or else put on ebay all 3 of my assault mechs as well as a few others (bid high, and often, lol!). All in all, an infantry company and a combined-arms company (plus 1 extra mech) have been sent off, hopefully to greener pastures.

I pondered switching unit identites (not hard as little is actually painted) however I stuck with the Legion of the Rising Sun and just switched Capellan units. While the 3rd CRC may use camouflage, that kind of paint scheme looks kinda generic to me. I considered several Draconis Combine units, but since the legion started in the Combine, I can pull from their units lists provided their older models. For the Capellans I decided on the McCarron's armored Cavalry's 4th regiment. Flat green with the occasional white stripe is an easy color scheme to paint, and I've always like the 'Big MAC's' fluff.

I also have the local Podunks who are mostly 'generic filler' of mechanized infantry. I tried them out this past weekend, and while accomplishing absolutely nothing damage-wise, I was pleased at their mobility w/o the need of transports. That and I didn't want to alter the Urbanmech's color scheme after its golden BB.

Rob and I played a game this past Saturday which was a lot of fun. 8k points of my 4th MAC vs. the Taurian Concordant (unit unknown). No specific scenario, but there was a city in the center of the table, we both entered and I was summarily pushed out of it. He lost a commando with a few other light mechs sporting a few holes, whereas I had a Blackhawk KU that was barely clinging to life. Thus casualties were light all around.

Probably the most significant result of the game was my LRM Hetzer tank crew's fate. Despite being parked on a hill, with an excellent field of fire, and multiple enemy mechs coming straight at it (some of which were wearing Narc beacons), the damned tank never once connected! WTF?!? Thus, its crew has since been reassigned to J-27 ordinance Transport duty! Which, for those unfamiliar with CBT, is essentially a death sentence. My Podunk infantry also failed to hit anything, but they're Podunks, so such failures are expected (that and they cost a mere 58 points).


CounterFett said...

You should get your locals some Po tanks. I've ironically always had terrific luck with the Po, and then you can call them Po-Dunks.

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, with a pun like that how can I resist?

Kushial said...

That's pretty close to what I'm doing with my own fledgling mech forces. I've got a couple light/medium lances forming that will be part of the 21st Striker Regiment of the Eridani Light Horse and then a couple heavy/assault lances that I'm leaning toward making into the Stirling Fusiliers of the Northwind Highlanders. I've been digging pretty deep into the basic starter rules from the starter box and I'm looking forward to my next trip to Johnson City for a trial game.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Just so long as you don't go calling it the Eridani Light Pony and start wearing my little pony t-shirts all the time like Screech does!

HappySpawn said...

Firstly, the ELP was only half my idea. Secondly, its a parody of the ELH. Thirdly, MY CBT unit is Clan Nova Cat (not that honorless freeborn scum like you would know). Fourthly, you're just mad because you don't have a shirt with awesome ponies on it. :D

Kushial said...

I personally wouldn't take a long time honored tradition bound unit like the Eridani Light Horse, and turn them into a cruel broken version of Kerensky's dream like the clans are. And as to not having a shirt with ponies on it? I'm content to let my nieces were the little girl shirts.

Da Masta Cheef said...

He's just mad that my favorite Clan is Hell's HORSES! Specifically Iota Galaxy, or as they prefer to call themselves: 'The Ninth Level of Hell'.

I'll leave the peyote smoking kitties to play with the bronies. ;-p

Kushial said...

So your Horses are the "Ninth Level of Hell", my 21st Striker Regiment is the "Four Horsemen" and Screech plays the My Little Pink Brony? Enough said.

Da Masta Cheef said...


(damn near spewed tea across my keyboard on reading that)