Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Fem Fa'Tau


What are you looking at Gue'la?
My GF lead her Tau in their battlefield debut (this time under her command) the other night. During the game she informed me that they're all female. So I guess she needs a Shadow Sun mini, assuming one can be found for a reasonable price that isn't FAILcast. During the game named her army the:

 'Fem Fa'Tau'

We played 1000 points, kill points, straight across the board deployment on a 4'x4' table.


My Deployment
Her Deployment
Turn one the horde advances, and shooting picks of a drone...

...causing a broadside to flee granting me first blood! Mental note: lone broadsides can no longer have drones!

Her Devilfish arrives from reserve and they pile up behind the ruins, meanwhile my CSM squad is already down by two!

The Horde inches closer, meanwhile the predators manage to remove another drone, and wound its parent Broadside, it holds its ground though.

SHIT! I forgot to shoot that Helbrute, and the outflanking stealth suits capitalize by immobilizing it in place.

A 2nd round of shooting dispatches the Helbrute and as you can see, my horde has been shot to pieces by this point! The Tau Commander has lost her bodyguard, and would soon fall to the predator's lascannons. The 2nd broadside has also fallen to the predators.

Shoo! Get away!

'Big Ugly' (as she named it) crosses the trenches (despite 2 seeker missile and a few heavy rail gun hits by this point) while the CSM lord and few remaining cultists continue to whittle away at the fire warrior/pathfinder mass in the ruins.

Ah, the old cell phone camera line of sight trick! Meanwhile Big Ugly starts pulling the gooey remains of the white squad of fire warriors out thru the windows, while the painted squad redeploys away from it!

His minions all gone, the CSM lord dispatches the two drones and turns to get that stealth suit, and manages to do so just before the game's end.

Here you can see the 4 remaining models in my army, we equaled unit KPs, but I won by the First Blood and Warlord KPs. She looks like she still had fun though!
 Yeah, gotta figure out a way to deal with the charging thru the OMG! WTF? supporting fire! 3-4 units shoe-horned into a small area murdered everything that got close, only the Helbrute's AV12 allowed it to wade thru and attack! Meanwhile she said she needs to read her book some more, which means things will continue to get worse when facing the 'Fem Fa'Tau'...


neverness said...

Were you playing 40k on a WFB board? Some cover might keep you alive a bit longer. Or was this the battle for the Imperial Golf Course or something? Either way, well done Amy! :)

Da Masta Cheef said...

I usually have really dense terrain as you know, but i wanted less to give her a better idea as to the ranges in which her army would be more/most effective.

John Lambshead said...

It's a brave man that beats his Sig. Other.

neverness said...

Ah, I assumed you had a reason; as you said, you usually have it pretty dense. It is amazing you weren't tabled!

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, Well John, she did win the first two games. Can't let her win all of them!

Neverness, you'll note that all that survived were 2 predators, 1 helbrute and 1 Termie lord (and only due to bad rolling on the heavy rail rifles/seeker missiles).

Rifkind Wolfwalker said...

Thanks Neverness! It was fun and interesting as before I had only gamed with Da Masta Cheef's Chaos army so this was def a big change for me.
I tried to table him... but yes I guess it was one of those things. As in I can't win all the time... well, accoding to the choas theory anyway. LOL!
Must read the codex... my Fem FaTaus are not happy with losing.