Monday, June 10, 2013

The propaganda was right, they ARE monsters!


So, as mentioned last week, we've been looking into Warlord's Bolt Action WWII miniature game. Screech bought the rulebook, and ran me thru a demo game last week. The game seemed alright, nothing too exotic rules-wise to wrap our heads around. The game writers (Alessio Cavatore and Rick Priestly) have written most of the games that I've played over the years and lets face it, they aren't going to stray too far from what they already know works. Rob thought it felt like 40k with Germans, but I didn't get that vibe myself.

Rob & I have since ordered the rulebooks ourselves via Amazon which was all to happy to add our Discover Card cash back bonuses to our orders resulting in a collective total of $0.58 for two rule books, shipping included! With Screech already playing the Germans, we were pondering factions when it occurred to me that the American forces that I had proxied using Chaos Cultists were all but identically equipped as my Quar minis are! I asked if there were any objections to the idea and there wasn't. Thus, having previously lived their entire lives either on the shelf (or still unassembled and in the box) Bolt Action will soon bring them to the tabletop as we fight 'Weird War Two'. Huzzah!

The Germans are this way troops!

I'll be fielding my Quar as British troops, as the SAS can switch out all of their Rifles for SMGs which matches the weapons fit of my as yet unassembled/painted Crusader Quar. It will also account for their slightly different uniforms/equipment. Besides, most Quar names are based off of Welsh (and to me just as unpronounceable), and that fits well with the British Commonwealth motif.

Bagpipes? I thought they were Welsh?
Having only 11 painted, with about 7 Crusaders with applicable weaponry available, I placed a small order to Zombiesmith to flesh out my platoon a bit. My is-Caerten (platoon commander) who is pictured above, on the left is armed with a pistol. Screech commented that pistols were all but useless, but oh well, he has one. To assist him, he can have up to 2 assistants (runners, bodyguards, etc.). So included in my order are the two seen here, a bag piper to inspire the troops, and a combat cameraQuar to record their glorious actions in combat! I also ordered a mortar and LMG team.

Having an old thread on the zombiesmith forum about my Quar, the 57th Bleeding Line, I posted on there my idea for their resurrection and new arena of battle. As you can see by the comments below, this idea was warmly welcomed!

'Headzombie' is the creator of the Quar.
I'm still awaiting my rulebook, but there are apparently rules for using captured enemy vehicles. I hope so as I'd like a Chyweethl (more commonly known on the zombie forums as a 'Cheese Wheel') which looks like it would work as a Stug or Hetzer, rather than anything of British Commonwealth manufacture.  Unless of course I added a turret to it and used it as a Grant/Lee...

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